Monday, June 06, 2011

Live Chat with NCPC on the Federal Imprint in DC

New development, modern architecture, and Washington DC's unique historic heritage. Can they all get along?

Today at 12:30pm, DCMud will host a live chat with NCPC’'s Christine Saum (Chief Urban Designer) and David Levy (Director of Urban Design and Plan Review) to discuss the agency'’s role in the design review process, and its efforts to define the federal interest in the urban design of the nation’s capital as an expanding, dynamic city. The live webchat will give our web audience a chance to ask questions and stump the urban planning experts. The chat will be in advance of NCPC's presentation "Contemporary Design, Historic City," to be given the evening of June 7th.

The chat will take place on DCMud on Monday at 12:30pm.


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