Friday, May 26, 2006

Petworth Goes Condo

The DC government's efforts to revitalize Georgia Avenue may finally be paying some dividends. Love or hate the trend, Petworth is poised to undergo a transformation that will include numerous large-scale condo developments over the next several years as the wave of developments seeps untapped areas. Hitherto dominated by single family residences, Petworth has one of the more active pipeline of condo developments and apartments in the city, where Donatelli & Klein is in the final stages of the 148-unit Park Place anchor at the Petworth Metro. Other projects include a 72-unit affordable apartment building at 4100 Georgia Avenue, a condominium at 4200 Georgia Avenue, a 110-unit apartment building at 3910 Georgia by Jair Lynch, the Renaissance by Lakritz Adler (105 units), and the Jefferson, a 39-unit reconstruction that will deliver this Winter. Unlike the last generation, this round of condos is going for higher-end features, with condos like the Jefferson offering granite counters, wood floors throughout, natural stone tiles and private terraces. Another 400 units are well into the planning stages at this point.


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