Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bush Signs DC Tax Credit

President Bush has signed a tax bill into law that includes a $5,000 credit for homebuyers in DC. The federal income tax credit, which expired last year, is retroactive for the entire year and extends until the end of 2007. Purchasers who have not owned a home in the District for the prior year are able to use the credit, provided they do not exceed the income caps which begin to phase out at income levels of $70,000 for single filers and $110,000 for married filers. Buyers can claim up to $5,000 if single or married filing jointly, or $2500 if married filing separately.


Anonymous said...

whats the latest news on new skyscrapers in rosslyn? also, do you know when the light rail is supposed to come to anacostia?

Ken on Dec 29, 2006, 1:53:00 PM said...

You have to read the 2 previous posts: one on the demolition now underway for Turnberry Tower, and a previous post on Waterview, which is the pair of towers now rising in Rosslyn facing the Potomac. The front tower is commercial, already rented, the rear is a hotel with residential above it. Those are the two highest towers in the area.

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