Thursday, February 08, 2007

JBG Looking to Develop Next to Red Line’s Glenmont Metro Station

Developer JBG has big plans to mine the untapped potential of the underdeveloped strip of upper Georgia Avenue running past the Metro Red Line’s last stop at Glenmont (officially located at 12501 Georgia Avenue, north of Layhill Road). JBG has reportedly reached a deal with the owner of Privacy World, a 1960’s era, 352-unit apartment complex just north of the station at 2501 Glenallan Avenue, and the developer hopes to build a new, large mixed-use complex on the 31-acre site. The JBG project would include a total of 1,550 residential units (including 250 townhomes) and 90,000 sf of retail space. There will be a 12.5% unit set-aside for affordable housing. The developer is looking to also include an upscale grocery store and restaurant. If approved, construction is expected to begin around 2010 and continue over the next 15 years. JBG’s transit zoning application for this project is expected to be considered next week by the Montgomery County Planning Board.


Anonymous said...

"Privacy World"? What a wacked out name!

Anonymous said...

Just what everyone needs, more gridlock at Georgia Ve. and Layhill Rd.

Anonymous said...

Thank the lord. Now would someone come and either bulldoze Glenmont Shopping Center or redevelop it?! Prime commercial real estate next to a metro station and it's just sitting there rotting.

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