Sunday, July 08, 2007

"What's Happening on East Capitol Street Near RFK?"

In response to the throngs of rabid dcmud readers (of course, throng in the blog-based community being a few dedicated, astute readers) asking "what's the deal?" with a possible development site along East Capitol Street near RFK, we decided to take our jalopy down there to report back our findings. It appears that developer Comstock East Capitol LLC has some plans in store for 1705-1729 East Capitol Street SE, the site of a vacant, 80-unit apartment building (pictured) bounded by East Capitol Street SE to the north, 18th Street SE to the east, A Street SE to the south, and 17th Street SE to the west. The 42,629-total sf plot is directly across the street from Eastern High School and just blocks to the Stadium-Amory Metro and RFK. Comstock’s consolidated planned unit development (PUD) proposal indicates the company plans to demolish the abandoned structure and build a new five-story, 134-unit apartment building (11 being affordable housing), with a garage holding 113 parking spots. The developer has submitted an application to the DC Zoning Commission to upzone the property density to allow its project (the parcel is currently zoned R-4, but Comstock will need R-5 zoning to build at its proposed size). Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6A (ANC6A) originally went on record as opposing the zoning application for this project (in a 6-0 vote), noting that the size of the project was not in line with this residential neighborhood, as well as what it felt was an insufficient number of designated affordable units (it would like to see 20 percent (at least 26 units) be affordable housing). However, there is indication that the Commission is developing a working relationship agreement with Comstock where the developer will work with the Commission on ensuring the community’s voice is heard with the project, plus a possible donation by Comstock to Eastern High School and Eliot Junior High to improve their athletic fields. The public hearing on the zoning request has been repeatedly delayed, most recently the June 18 meeting. We will keep you up to date as we learn the fate of this project, and of course, please send any tidbits you have (or correct us) on any project you see in your neck of the woods!
(h/t on this story to commenter mr. x)


Anonymous said...

I'm new to DC and unfamiliar with the 'affordable housing' concept - how does one apply for affordable housing rather than the market price housing? I've tried searching for this, but am unfortunately clueless.

dcboy on Jul 11, 2007, 3:14:00 PM said...

if you go to and search for "affordable housing", you'll find tons of info...

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