Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dual MoCo Apartments Headed for Approval

Two long-gestating residential projects - The Monty in Bethesda and Bonifant Plaza in Silver Spring - will (finally) be cleared for approval by the Montgomery County Planning Board at their scheduled March 12th meeting. Together, they'll signal the MPBD’s largest residential approval of the new year and contribute nearly 300 new residential units to the county.

Located between Fairmont and St. Elmo’s Avenues in the Woodmont Triangle area of Bethesda, the 17-story (!), SK&I-designed Monty will usurp the present two and three-story storefronts on site, only to replace them with up to 200 residential units, 7,700 square feet of ground floor retail and a 5,500 square foot public plaza. Developer Monty, LLC - who received previously received Board approval in early 2008 to nearly double the number of units contained in the project at the expense of once expansive floorplans - will dedicate 20 the said apartments to affordable housing.

Meanwhile, in Silver Spring, developer Theo Margas’ Bonifant Plaza project will be moving ahead with its planned 115,000 square foot, AR Meyer & Associates design. Sporting 72 rental apartments – 9 of which will be affordable – Bonifant Plaza will stand on the so-named Bonifant Street – a site, coincidentally, within earshot of the MCPB offices in downtown Silver Spring. Margas told DCmud in January that the meeting will be “only for the budget plan” for the Bonifant, but expects the approval to solidify a timeline for the project, which has been in development since at least 2006.

As of this writing, both projects have been earmarked for approval by MCPB staff – an opinion that the Board itself rarely dissents against.


Anonymous said...

Whether people know it or not, MoCo's approval process is far more onerous and slow than DC's. Why in god's name does it take 2-3 years for approval? Talk about dampening economic development.

Anonymous said...

Dampening development! You have a problem with that in this day and age?

Anonymous said...

A 5500 square foot plaza on St Elmo Ave? The empty lot will be almost as big as the retail space. It's no wonder that people complain about development, when the county forces developers to destroy the streetscape.

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