Friday, July 24, 2009

MoCo Planning Board: The Results are In

Montgomery County Planning, Rounds VAnduzer Architects, Clarett Group, Shalom Baranes, Safeway design, Bethesda At yesterday's Montgomery County Planning Board meeting, several noteworthy projects got the green light. Here's the run down: 4500 East West Highway in Bethesda: The board approved the Clarett Group's project for a LEED certified, 223,000 s.f., Class-A office building designed by Shalom Baranes Architects with conditions related to improved streetscape, public benches and lighting. 

Reconstruction of Safeway at Arlington Road and Bradley Blvd: The board approved the plan allowing Safeway, Inc. to replace the current 1950's era building with a modern, 43,097 sf. building, designed by Rounds VanDuzer Architects. In return, Safeway must achieve LEED status and will contribute at least $5,000 to the BUP for improvements on the retaining wall of the nearby Capital Crescent Trail

Woodmont View Bethesda: The board approved the plan, with changes, by developers Laurence Lipnick and Battery Lane, LLC, for a 79 foot version of their of their Bethesda Maryland commercial real estate newscondominium building, denying the height extension to 90 feet, ruling that such an amendment has to go through the Office of Zoning Administration. The builders have the option of pursuing a height amendment, which at a minimum will take another 5 months because of the Zoning calendar but, if granted, would not require another pass with through the Planning Board. $5 says they go for the amendment.

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