Monday, November 02, 2009

Tysons Tower Tees Up

Tysons Corner, Towers Crescent, Smith Group, Quadrangle DevelopmentTyson's Corner has a new office building. 1850 Towers Crescent, the newest addition to the office building refuge, adds new landmark for beltway drivers, with 295,000 s.f. in 13 stories and 14,451 s.f. of retail and restaurant space - all now looking for takers. Tysons Corner, Towers Crescent, Smith Group, Quadrangle Development Designed by SmithGroup, the structure features a south-facing brick facade opposite a curved glass curtainwall, maximizing natural light on its northern exposure and presenting its better side to south-bound travelers. DC-based Quadrangle Development Corporation touts the empty building as the only new corporate home to open in Tysons in 2009. Construction began in August of 2007 and achieved substantial completion in August of this year. Designers did not shoot for green certification on the building. 1850 Towers Crescent Plaza is the last of 4 office buildings designed for the complex, but plans for 3 residential buildings are being kept warm. The office park includes the iconic, Philip Johnson-designed office tower known to any Tysons visitor for its curved facade and slender, impractically-scaled columns meant as a nod to Jeffersonian design principles, but for which few people have much affection. Tysons Corner, Towers Crescent, SmithGroup, Quadrangle Development Steven Cohen, Vice President and Project Manager at SmithGroup, says the biggest challenge in realizing the 10-year-old project plans was second-guessing the market. Given the cap on total development space for the project site, Quadrangle had to decide how much square footage to leave on the table for its three un-built residential components. Meshing with the existing fabric proved another obstacle. "There was the challenge of making it unique, especially trying to balance it against the Philip Johnson building; our charge to give it its own presence, but one that ties in nicely with the existing buildings. That's why we gave it two very distinct faces." said Cohen. County planners also prioritized the plan to integrate the site with the Tysons Corner mall, and work continues on a pedestrian bridge, nearly complete, that will link Towers Crescent with the mall via the top level of the parking garage and link, they point out, the Silver line metro when it opens "in 2013," providing a "pedestrian-oriented urban center." Interested corporate tenants should contact Jones Lang LaSalle, which is leasing the building, but did not return calls for this article.

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Anonymous said...

whats the fascination with these stupid mini dc area skyscrapers with halos and hats.

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous building in a fantastic location. Perfect as a corporate headquarters for a lucky company.

Anonymous said...

>A gorgeous building in a fantastic location. Perfect as a corporate headquarters for a lucky company.

Says the real estate agent trying to rent this thing out in this climate...

Anonymous said...

As a kind of response to Anon. #2, I'm surprised that Hilton chose that bland, anonymous rectangle building as their new HQ and not this one, unless it was a timing issue.

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