Monday, July 23, 2012

The Future Union Market Debuts

The Union Market, set to open in September

DC's Union Market, housed in the former Union Terminal Market hall at 5th and Florida, NE, and being revitalized by Edens, hosted a preview party this Saturday.  The soon-to-open venue's "Summer Picnic Spectacular" featured numerous local food trucks and future market vendors performing their trade inside and outside.

Despite a persistent drizzle, a large, age-diverse crowd gathered at Union Market to get a sneak peak, eat, and listen to local DJs including SoulCall Paul.  The new Union Market is set to open in September.  For an entry fee, the building was open to the public for one-time only preview before the building's official opening.  JCA Architects is the project's architectural firm.

The interior features an open, market-hall style space with exposed ventilation, drop lighting, and stalls for at least 40 future vendors.  Union Market adjoins the NoMA Business Improvement District (BID) and is situated in a larger neighborhood of 100 wholesale food vendors and businesses employing more than 1,500 people in food production and distribution, according to the Union Market web site.

The Union Market web site includes a comprehensive history of the Union Terminal market.  The outdoor portion of that market opened to the public in 1931 but moved inside to the current Union Market structure, built in 1967, when the District banned the outdoor sale of meat and eggs, according to Edens' historical information. 

The restored Union Market will also feature 11 restaurants, DCMud has reported.

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Anonymous said...

The photos make the interior look very white, sterile and blah -- and not high end. I hope it's better in real life.

Anonymous said...

the unmitigated disaster of urban planning that is the Fla Ave/NY Ave intersection will assure that I will visit this market only when I am coming to this area for other reasons.

DCOtter on Jul 24, 2012, 1:03:00 PM said...

Counter to Anon1&2, the space is pretty spectacular -- and the front section (open floor plan) is all that was revealed this past weekend.

If the sleek design doesn't appeal, please continue wandering through the same tired stalls at and around Eastern Market and keep this new NE venue off of your radar.

Anonymous said...

DCOtter, I'm with you on your second comment!

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