Wednesday, July 07, 2010

JBG Razing Residential Hopes on 14th Street

14th Street appears to have crossed the last hurdle to its next big project, now that the JBG Companies has filed its application to demolish a strip of properties along 14th Street between S and Swann Streets. JBG says construction will begin this year to build its condo project on the site of the historic Whitman-Walker Clinic. Matt Blocher, a Senior Vice President for JBG, said "it is our goal to begin construction in late 2010; the construction timeline is estimated to be 20-months."

The seven-story building, designed by Shalom Baranes, will bring 120 residential units to the 14th Street Corridor/U Street area. A below-grade parking garage will offer at least 90 spaces to serve both the residential and retail needs.

According to plans submitted to the Historic Preservation Review Board, the 14th Street side of the building will have four five-story "vertical projecting bays," and the seventh floor will be set back and largely composed of glazed glass. The District's Zoning Commission has already approved changes to the roof design that will maximize rooftop recreational space. To beautify the back alley, the designers proposed a "panelized brick wall" that might, designers say, be partially hidden by vines growing down from rooftop planters.

Retail will be available on three sides: on the north, south, and along 14th Streets, the main residential entrance will be off of S Street. Ground floor retail of 18,000 s.f. includes 200 feet of frontage on 14th Street and 110 feet of frontage on S and Swann Streets. The 14th Street frontage required an exception to the Arts Overlay to allow a higher percentage of dining or drinking space. The Overlay requires that no more than 25 percent of "linear footage" be used for eating and drinking establishments. The developers received approval for the exception from the Board of Zoning Adjustment in February of 2009.

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IMGoph on Jul 7, 2010, 11:38:00 AM said...

cannot wait. this has the potential to completely change that block.

plus, it kills off a parking lot and curb cut. win, win, win.

Anonymous said...

Good news all around.
Good urban design that survived the reviews process.
Bigger news, money flowing for construction.
One small step for 14th Street....

Greg said...

i agree this is a great thing for 14th street...but, geesh...can some one please design an original and/or interesting building. i mean...come on!

Anonymous said...

"can some one please design an original and/or interesting building."

no. ANCs, HPRB, OP all limit creativity.

IMGoph on Jul 7, 2010, 3:52:00 PM said...

i have the feeling that the latest comment from real estate is not insightful...

Shaun on Jul 7, 2010, 4:00:00 PM said...


Anonymous said...

It will be a great addition! 14th below U is practically finished now (almost!) Shalom's design is lovely.

Anonymous said...

HPRB does limit creativity - the board has been diluted (from an experience perspective) so much by Fenty that they wouldn't know how to suggest anything creative. It's hard to do something creative if the board members can't understand what they are looking at!

Anonymous said...

"ANCs, HPRB, OP all limit creativity."

That's what Big Government always does. It's repressive. Considering just the zoning, permitting, and endless red tape, it's no surprise that 14th Street is still in such a horrible condition.

The place would be much nicer already with less government intervention; the Section 8 housing would be gone and huge buildings would be lining the street with restaurants, shopping, and much needed housing units.

Of course, the government's repressive taxation is also discouraging restaurants and shopping.

Anonymous said...

Everybody stop bitching! At least you HAVE buildings being built! Try living in Fort Totten!

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