Thursday, July 22, 2010

Live Webchat: NCPC's Comprehensive Plan

Ever wondered how DC's monuments are planned, and how the federal buildings are located and designed? Join Senior Urban Planner David Zaidain from the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) today (Thursday) at noon as he discusses federal elements of the National Capital’s Comprehensive Plan, the federal government's long term urban planning vision for the city. NCPC is in the process of updating the plan, including everything from the look of the Mall and urban waterfronts to security and foreign missions. This is your chance to become involved. The discussion will focus on the following topics:
  • How the Comp Plan serves the region
  • The elements of the Plan
  • The Plan's role in guiding federal facility location, transportation, etc.
  • The Plan's policy impact on local/regional development
  • Why the Plan is being updated
  • The addition of an Urban Design Element
  • Opportunities for public involvement


skinny said...

Who oversees the NCPC? Which body set it up, and who can we lobby for reform?

It's nice for them to provide a public forum to inform us of their "plan," but how can regular citizens have a real voice?

As it is set up now, this is an undemocratic and paternalistic organization.

Anonymous said...

NO to race-based museums on the Mall! NO to eliminating the remaining green space on the corner of Independence and 14th!

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