Thursday, May 03, 2012

Silver Spring Library Taking Construction Baby Steps

The new Silver Spring Library, nearly 13 years in the making, is finally nearing construction as crews now work to relocate "dry utilities."

View from Fenton Street. Source: Pre-proposal Slide Show
Don Scheuerman, section chief for project management at the county's Division of Building Design and Construction, said building permit applications were submitted, and staff is reviewing interested contractors, a list he expects to publish in about 30 days.

"We’ll do an invitation to bid with those contractors," Scheuerman said. "Once we get that in, hopefully we’re off to the races."

Scheuerman could not comment on the number of contractors who expressed interest, but the sign-in sheet from a February pre-submission meeting includes representatives from 23 different companies.

A slide show from that meeting shows another new design and layout from project architects Lukmire Partnership.

View from intersection of Fenton Street and Wayne Avenue.
Source: Pre-proposal Slide Show
The library now is planned as a 5-story, cast- stone building at Fenton Street and Wayne Avenue. A pavilion with a glass facade facing Fenton connected to the main building at the top of the second floor creates a covered path for the future Purple Line to pass through.

The library will occupy the top three stories. Pyramid Atlantic will use the first two floors and the basement.

Initial designs released in 2009 showed a taller building with County offices on the sixth floor and library meeting space on the seventh floor.

The County has been working on the new library since at least 1999 when it approved funding. When completed, the new library will replace the existing Silver Spring Library -- the County's oldest community library.

View along Wayne Avenue. Source: Pre-proposal Slide Show
The project officially broke ground in August 2010, but only site preparation was begun. Ground work and utility relocation underway now aim to keep the project moving forward and avoid future delays.

"By doing that now, that will hopefully allow construction to proceed more rapidly," said Susanne Churchill, senior architect project manager for the library.

She said she hopes to start construction this fall. Total build-out should take about two years for a late 2014 opening.

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Anonymous said...

Improved design from the last "approved" design. Seriously, though, it is absolutely INSANE how long it takes to get anything built in Montgomery County and in particular Silver Spring! They broke ground on this site on August 30, 2010. I realize there was utility work to do, but it will be almost TWO YEARS from the "groundbreaking" until they actually start construction of the building. I wonder what decade the adjacent (now seniors) apartment building will be built on the Bonifant St. side of this site? And don't even get me started on the Silver Spring Transit Center. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

"adjacent (now seniors) apartment building"

You mean senior citizens? Last I had heard was a year or two ago (prob. on DCMUD) that it was going to be a workforce housing apt. building. That's changed?

I agree that I wish utility/construction were sped up, but presumably having a small team handle the utility relocation is saving substantial $$. At least I hope so, otherwise it's dumb.

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