Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Next Place

I've been going to open houses for a while now, and I admit I'm a little jaded.  Usually my reaction to a place ranges between polite, bored indulgence (i.e. the face women make when you try to hit on them in Whole Foods) or outright curled-lip disgust (i.e. the face women make when I try to hit on them in Whole Foods).  I'm hard to impress.  But this place - this place made me outright giddy, back to my first innocent days of open-housing.  (Cue Madonna's "Like A Virgin.")

I mean, look at it.  Never will you find another place like this.  The extraordinary top floor in the Dove House Mansion, this place is to attics what Tom Cruise is to short guys.  Exposed beams and skylights combine for an incredible dramatic effect, and every room in the house is completely distinctive.  As soon as you step off the private elevator (yes, that's right), you're struck not just by the sheer size of the place (downright amphitheaterlike), but by how much there is to look at.  Every nook and corner and area has a little unexpected touch, whether it's an angle or a light fixture or, in the case of a master bathroom, a life-size statue of a horse on top of the vanity.

The kitchen features stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, and the master bath has an awesome double sink vanity.  The master bedroom is lofted, so you can look down on your kingdom, and there's also a private balcony so you can look down on, well, Dupont.  And priced at just under 770K, you can bet it won't be on the market long, so start begging the in-laws for another advance on the ol' inheritance.

1740 New Hampshire Avenue NW #NH-G
2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths

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Anonymous said...

They want 750K for an attic now? Yeesh. This market is the worst.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna bet it will be on the market for long!

Anonymous said...

I usually LOVE exposed beams, but this is hideous.

Unknown on May 11, 2012, 8:04:00 AM said...

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Anonymous said...

I am sure it's different if you are actually in the space, but these photos don't make me giddy at all. I love that building, but this is disappointing - not at all what I expected an interior to look like. But since I haven't got $729,900, or any inheritances to get advanced by in-laws or others, it's all a moot point. Oh well, the fantasy house-shopping continues.

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