Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today in Pictures - Silver Spring Library

View from Fenton Street. Source: Pre-proposal Slide Show

The new Silver Spring library, on the shelf for more than a decade, is nearing a decision on a general contractor, a step that should allow it to begin construction this fall, with hopes of a late 2014 opening.

New renderings feature the layouts and perspectives from project architects Lukmire Partnership.

The library is planned as a 5-story, cast- stone building at Fenton Street and Wayne Avenue. A pavilion with a glass facade facing Fenton connected to the main building at the top of the second floor creates a covered path for the future Purple Line to pass through.

The project officially broke ground in August 2010. Ground work and utility relocation underway now aim to keep the project moving forward and avoid future delays.

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Jay on May 10, 2012, 3:50:00 PM said...

Several years ago, I rated the DC area in terms of what appeals to my wife and I for a half-day outing.

The first factor was an indie theater. That right there narrowed it down to E Street, Bethesda, Shirlington and Silver Spring.

The second factor was a good place to eat. All four have excellent choices.

The third factor was a bookstore. E Street and Bethesda shine that with because we like Barnes and Noble. Silver Spring took a hit with the loss of the Borders, but with this new library, they are back in our game.

Also let it be known the your judge loves Chick-Fil-A, so Silver Spring is shining in my book. The Fillmore is a great addition, and who knows, if and when the Trans Center is finished, this neighborhood could be our new number one!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed on the transit center! FYI, it's no Borders, but there is a nice, little used book store basically across the street from this new library site. It's a bit quirky, but mostly in a good way.

Isayaah Parker on May 10, 2012, 5:04:00 PM said...

This library project is a huge waste of money. People don't patron post offices and libraries like they used to. The current silver spring libary is just fine. Nice and humble considering it's dying popularity. Several years of planning, disputes and over all BS and we still have nothing but dirt and an enlongated pricetag just like the transit center. I can't wait until 2027 when the library is built with a wasted space for a purple line that will NEVER COME and the old library site will sit a vacant...Ahh tax dollars being put to use!

Anonymous said...

Silly Isayaah. Check out any of the new libraries in the area - they're always full. I've seen you rant on other blogs about this and you've been countered by every single person who bothers responding to such a crazy charge. Just because you don't read or have children or need to use public computers or media doesn't mean much.

Libraries have been around for millennia and they will be around for millennia more, assuming the Isayaahs and Fahrenheit 451s of the world don't take over. Public accessibility to tools and institutions of learning is one of the most fundamental necessities of western civilization. PERIOD.

Not to mention this is also an art gallery, study space, cafe, purple line stop, and increasingly rare "third place" for the community. It is, of course, much needed and long overdue.

Anonymous said...

The world according to Isayaah Parker:

It's all B.S. I can just google everything from my basement computer becasue everything I pull up is true. Plus who needs transit when it takes an hour to drive anywhere. Large cities like London and New York don't need their transit, so why should we waste our money on that garbage. When I was a kid, I was hopefull, but then life punched me in da mouf, so now I'm going to punch everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Having the textured masonry walls goes a long way towards humanizing this design. It'll be a great place to be even though a little aggressive looking. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The only people going to libraries are masterbating bums. Isayaah is right... What a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about DC libraries, but here in MoCo our libraries are full and not of bums.

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