Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lumber Shed Construction at the Yards Begins this Week

Construction begins this week on the Lumber Shed, an adaptive reuse component that will become the retail centerpiece of the Yards, a Forest City project. The Shed is set to be completed in the third quarter of 2013, according to a press release.

The Yards, which is one of the largest projects in Southeast D.C., has been named the best new public space by City Paper. Seven restaurants and a Harris Teeter were announced this past year in the boilermaker shops, and recently, the Alatmarea Restaurant Group of New York City announced a new Osteria Morini restaurant to open in The Yards in summer 2013.

The area was formerly the Navy Yard Annex then the Naval Gun Factory. Forest City Washington received the chance to redevelop the 42-acre riverfront property site in 2004, and construction began on several parcels within the yards in 2007.

When finished, the Yards will be a 5.5 million s.f. development, completed during three phases during the next 10 to 20 years.

The Lumber Shed - formerly owning up to its name - is located on the edge of the Yards park overlooking the Anacostia River.  The Shed will be a 30,000 s.f., two-level, retail, glass pavilion, which will temporarily house Forest City’s offices on the second floor and include five restaurants.

The inclusion of Osteria Morini and Forest City’s offices means the building is 60 percent leased.

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B on Jun 20, 2012, 2:10:00 PM said...

Yards Park is one cafe and a bikeshare station away from perfect (OK, plus bathrooms and a drinking fountain). It seems the developers don't want to stop until they've recreated National Harbor (is a Peeps store next?).

Anonymous said...

I just don't see how Yards Park or the DC Yards redevelopment site is a recreation of National Harbor, especially with the adaptive reuse of character-rich historic industrial buildings into apartment lofts and retail spaces. Where is that at National Harbor?

I think by the time DC Yards and Riverfront on the Anacostia in SE and the Wharf at the SW Waterfront are complete, DC will top what's going at National Harbor by a mile.

Anonymous said...

The development going on in this area is really exciting. I like how the architects are preserving the historic industrial structures but introducing new, clearly modern elements. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

I think this is exciting. I hope that the new glass enclosure of the existing concrete frame is even more transparent than the rendering indicates, because the existing frame is pretty great.

The overlay of history, the connection to a street grid and an adjacent beloved neighborhood (Capitol Hill), the quality of the new architecture, the proximity to a Metro station, and more: Maybe National Harbor can compete for middle-American conventioneers/shoppers, but it can't compete architecturally or urbanistically! Nor does it need to: the essence of a 'city' is a variety of places with a variety of characters appealing to a variety of people.

Zach said...

Personally, this project has the most appeal of anything on the radar right now. I can not wait for this to be done... and I don't even live in this area.

I think the Capitol Riverfront Bid is creating something special down here... they played host to New Belgium's Tour de Fat a couple weeks ago, what a great time.

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