Monday, June 18, 2012

WPC Breaking Ground on Wheaton Residential Project

Washington Property Company breaks ground on the Solaire, a 232-unit residential building at 10194 Georgia Avenue, next week.  Located on the former site of the First Baptist Church, WPC acquired the 1.65-acre parcel in 2005 and, as part of the deal, relocated the church to Olney, adding to the long list of projects approved in a quickly developing Wheaton town center.

Montgomery County approved the site plan last October for a Preston Partnership-designed six-story, u-shaped structure, opening to the south, with a swimming pool and greenspace in the interior courtyard.  Designers used a "variety of masonry and glazing" as well as "small parapets and height variations ... to minimize the sense of building mass." Beneath, developers will build a two-level parking garage with 230  spaces. A public statement notes such ubiquitous amenities as "granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, fine cabinetry, wood laminate flooring."  

According to a WPC press release, the developer owns more than eight million square feet of commercial space in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and currently has over 1.6 million residential square feet under development.Clark Builders Group is the General Contractor, Gables Residential will provide property management and leasing services.  Leasing is expected to begin in September of 2013.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. There's no way it's named the Solaire, though. That's the name of another WPC property that's currently wrapping up construction/is pre-leased just a few miles south in downtown Silver Spring -

Anonymous said...

Several online reports (incl Wash Post) say it's called Solaire Wheaton so maybe Washington Property is branding their product everywhere as Solaire . That's odd becuase the one in Silver Spring is just called Solaire. I predict consumer confusion.

Anonymous said...

They're seriously both called Solaire? That's interesting...I'm pretty sure it's the dumbest thing I've heard all day, but interesting nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

I guess WPC figures the Solaire (as in the new Silver Spring building) will carry enough weigh and name recognition in the area as a premiere luxury building that leaning on that for the "Solaire-Wheaton" will make good marketing sense?

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