Monday, September 10, 2012

Your Next Place

This place packs a ton of punch into a very small package.  If it was a person, it would be my 59 year old asian mother, who still begins eating an apple by tearing it in half with her bare hands.  The last time my sister and I visited home, we tried to get a video of her doing it (can you imagine the Youtube hits?), but she got shy, and then, when I persisted, she smacked me in the back of the head so hard that my glasses flew into a potted plant.

This unit is in the Crescent Cooperative, a beautiful Georgian Revival-style building that dates to 1926.  While the inside is somewhat small, it's immaculately finished, with enough thoughtfully designed built-ins to hold all your commemorative plates and digital picture frames your parents get you every Christmas instead of just giving you a check, because just giving you a check apparently makes too much sense.  The apartment is south-facing, so you get plenty of sunlight streaming in and revealing all your flaws to your significant other.  It also looks out onto a very nice garden, which you can pretend is all yours, but isn't.  (It's shared with the rest of the building.)  The kitchen is confoundingly big; I've been in places four times bigger that had less counter and cupboard space. I could've stretched out full length on the counter, and I would have, but the seat of my yoga pants ripped as I was climbing up.

The bedroom is huge, with an incredible walk-in closet, and the bathroom is high-ceilinged and endearingly vintage-looking.  This place is also right next to Meridian Hill Park, probably the best park in the city.  Rock Creek might be bigger, but it's too rough and untamed; you can hike around, but you can't really go there and lie on a blanket and people watch.  Meridian Hill is big enough that you can always find a spot to lounge in the grass, but small enough that it's only a five-minute walk to go make fun of people practicing that dance-style kung fu over by the drum circle.  ALSO - a famous and extremely powerful person lives right in the building!  I'm not at liberty to tell you who it is, but I promise that if you name drop them at parties and mention that you live in the same building, people will be totally impressed for a few minutes, before they realize it means nothing.

1661 Crescent Place NW
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom



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