Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Your Next Place

Oh wow.  You never see a place like this in the District.  Most houses here are sort of like most of the people here - basic, slightly uptight, old-fashioned.  This house, though, is like that girl you see at the party who's way too stylish and edgy to live here, and who you just know is going to move to New York in six months, so you better act fast, and by "act fast," I mean "stalk her on Facebook," because she's totally out of your league.

This house isn't out of your league though - well, as long as you've got $2.5 million on hand.  (Okay, so it's out of your league.)  This Tracy Place classic is open and bright and has a vague "California in the Seventies" vibe.  (Though I should mention here that I wasn't alive in the Seventies, and I've never been to California.)  The formal dining room and living room are dramatic and have windows galore, as well as recessed lighting and gleaming hardwood floors.  And this house has maybe the greatest kitchen I've ever seen, a high-ceilinged gourmet masterpiece with stained-glass-fronted cupboards, a huge island, and top of the line stainless steel appliances.  There are also two - yes, two - full-size sinks, so you can let twice as many dishes pile up and fester before sweeping them into garbage bags and buying all new ones.

Upstairs are five bedrooms, all with full en-suite bathrooms.  This is huge.  I like to think of having your own bathrooom as a kind of dividing line in life; if you do have your own, you're not allowed to complain ever, about anything in your life.  If you have to share, go ahead and whine as much as you want, I'll at least pretend to feel bad since you have to smell other people's odors on a regular basis.  Each room is bright and large and opens onto a huge shared deck.  Underneath that deck is a huge first floor patio; yes, that's two levels of leisure space looking out onto a superlative garden that features a sloping landscaped terrace surrounded by greenery.  Very private.  It's like your own mini-Garden of Eden, by which I mean you can eat apples and have sex out there, but don't get caught by Dad or you're in big trouble.

2324 Tracy Place NW
5 Bedrooms, 5.5 Baths


Anonymous said...

You should at least mention a cross street or neighborhood location in this story, so people don't have to go map the address to figure out where the house is.

Anonymous said...

Dude, the address is listed. Ask your mom to hold your hand if that's not easy enough for you.

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