Friday, February 22, 2008

DC Agencies Unite on 'Master Plans'

Today, a handful of District agencies announced their partnership to provide a guiding set of principals for the many distinct planning initiatives going on throughout the city. The Architect of the Capitol, Office of Planning, National Capital Planning Commission, National Park Service and the Commission of Fine Arts have all gotten together to create a synopsis of "four distinct planning initiatives: the Capitol Complex Master Plan, the Center City Action Agenda, the National Capital Framework Plan and the National Mall Plan."

The overview, entitled "Planning Together for Central Washington," identifies substantial places, corridors and 'important connections: in a self-described "broad plan for central Washington, DC." The National Capital Planning Commission headed up the initiative, attracting other agencies that play a major role in developmental planning to join their effort to ensure that central Washington "continues to serve as a model for the nation and the world."

The collaboration, which brought together federal and local agencies, took a close look at all of the plans that effect Central Washington, seeking a way to illuminate the fact that despite myriad planning initiatives currently being prepared, they all complement one another with regards to the goals being achieved. “That was the genesis of this leaflet, that we need to explain the inter-relationship of these efforts,” said Patricia Zinsheim, Associate Director of Revitalization at the Office of Planning.

With that in mind, the team came up with five common objectives for the city: a "welcoming atmosphere, well-connected public space, distinctive places, green and sustainable, and 21st century transportation."

"The impetus for the brochure was to show how the various plans for Washington are unique, yet so complementary to one another. From NCPC’s perspective, we also think it’s a great example of how collaboration and partnership play a vital role in furthering an objective that is important to all of us; enhancing Washington’s standing as a great capital city," said Lisa MacSpadden Director of the Office of Public Affairs at the NCPC.

Mayor Fenty gave his two cents: "The residents and businesses of the District of Columbia, as well as our visitors, will be the real beneficiaries of the great improvements in streets and public places that come about as a result of coordinated federal and local planning for Center City DC."


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