Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Logan Circle Condo Begins Sales Today

DC Hampton, LLC is unveiling its newest addition to the DC condominium market today - the Citta 50 condos at 1450 Church Street NW. Now about 50% complete, developer Andrew Economakis began sales today, and anticipates completion at the end of this year. The 27-unit building is priced from $350,000 for a one-bedroom unit to about $1.15 million for the 2-story, 1,700-s.f. penthouse.

DC's Bonstra Haresign Architects started designing the building back in 2005, having to go through both Historic Preservation Review Board and Board of Zoning Adjustment approval processes. HPRB had jurisdiction because the condo incorporates the historic, 3-story building by John A. Lankford building (on the bottom left of the above diagram) - the architect behind the well known True Reformer Building at 12th & U Streets. The building had functioned as a coal distribution facility almost 100 years ago. Bonstra Haresign incorporated Lankford's structure into the 7- story, 34,700-s.f. project, surrounding and above the existing historic building.

"We are excited about the design of this project as a surprisingly contemporary building incorporating a retained historic structure. A lively composition of masonry and glass forms create a 'collage' of building elements seemingly built over a period of time. The building is topped by an oval shaped rooftop 'beacon' of translucent poly-carbonate that will glow at night" said partner Bill Bonstra.

The building, when complete, will sit on one of DC's few true industrial streets, lined with auto repair garages and warehouses, now converted to swank condos, such as PN Hoffman's Metro and Metropolis Development's The Metropole, both of which flank the newcomer. Look out Georgetown - Logan is quickly becoming the place to be for the hip, the cool....the funkay (insert a James Brown-esque 'Ow' as needed).

"I fell in love with [Church] street - it's just an amazing niche, off-beat street. It was a very industrial area, but with this building we've kept it very modern and industrial looking, and added a personal touch. That's one thing I like about this building, it's designed nicely, it's very modern. It was really cool the way Bill (Bonstra) blended together the modern and historic aspects," said Economakis, Owner and Managing Member of DC Hampton.


Anonymous said...

OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...I feeeel goooooood

Anonymous said...

that was my best james brown impression....could u tell?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know whats up with a smaller Condo building just east of Logan on Rhode Island?? Its a red brick building across from the temp library...seems completed just empty

mediocre bad guy on Feb 21, 2008, 8:20:00 PM said...

yeah.. it's too expensive and no one want to buy the units in it.


Anonymous said...

that is a horrible place.i have walked by it and it is many OSHA violations waiting to happen. too bad no one has the balls to ever step up. horrible building though. look for yourselves

Anonymous said...

i live around and i decided to walk through to see what new buildings were being built. honestly the building next door is far superior than this peice of crap. when i left i felt dirty. walking into the new building, which is 3 times the size, this buildig is a disgrace

D.O said...

Does anyone have an email address for Andrew Economakis?

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