Monday, December 08, 2008

Silver Spring's Adele Likely to Get OK This Week

Montgomery County looks ready to approve the Adele, a 96-unit building in the Easley subdivision of downtown Silver Spring. Fenton Street Development LLC (FSD) - a partnership between the Freeman Group and Bloom Builders - will bring a new 9-story, mixed-use project to the intersection of Thayer Avenue and Fenton Street if the team receives final approval from the Montgomery Planning Board (MPD) at a hearing this Thursday.

The Adele would stand at the current site of an auto repair shop at 8260 Fenton Street. The SK&I-designed plans on hand call for 96 units - either apartments or condos - 18,200 square feet of office, and 15,020 square feet of retail stacked atop each other on a half-acre parcel. Fifteen of the apartments and/or condos on site will be reserved as affordable-rate MPDUs – a requirement that sets the Adele apart from other nearby, similarly-scaled (and not yet built) Silver Spring residential projects such 814 Thayer and Moda Vista. Additionally, the development team is throwing in an ever-popular green roof and a public plaza on the northeastern corner (to be furnished with “streetscape improvements” at their own cost) to sweeten the deal.

FSD initially received concept approval for the Adele back in 2006. Since that time, the developer has made some not so minor changes in order to get full authorization, like axing 3-stories off the building’s proposed height. But having received concept approval on its first try and having been signed off by MPD staff, an affirmative decree from the Board seems likely.

That would be just the latest in a string of MPD approvals for downtown Silver Spring. In addition to 814 Thayer and Moda Vista, nearby projects include 8711 Georgia, 8227 Fenton Street and, of course, the MPD’s own new headquarters/residential development, SilverPlace are all within spitting distance of the Easely subdivision. The Adele is scheduled to join its new neighbors by mid-2011.


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