Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whitman-Walker Stalls at the HPRB

As expected, the Historic Preservation Review Board sided with Historic Preservation Office staff and has sent JBG’s proposed redevelopment of 14th Street's Whitman-Walker Clinic headquarters back to the drawing board.

After a 6-2 vote, the panel told the developer and architect Shalom Baranes to “restudy the proposal with regard to the design of the facade and the location of the garage entrance, to incorporate on-site interpretative information on the historic role of the Whitman-Walker clinic, and return to the Board when appropriate.”

The development team had previously taken a lashing from both the local ANC and Board of Zoning Adjustment with regards to perceived design flaws in the residential project.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder why people put up with HPRB and the insane restrictions they put on private property. Having dealt with HPRB and HPO before, I can tell you that these people do not think rationally and I honestly believe they enjoy sticking it to the "greedy" developers in the name of "architectural morality". One day, I hope the US Supreme Court catches onto this unconstitutional taking of private property rights.

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