Thursday, April 08, 2010

Courthouse Condos: Someday, Somehow

Clarendon, Arlington real estate, courthouse, Elm StreetThe on-again, off-again residential project at 2000 Wilson Boulevard, no, make that 2001 Clarendon Boulevard, is on again-ish. In December, Elm Street Development received an amendment to their plan for condos, no apartments, no condos - in the Courthouse neighborhood. The amended plan will increase the number of residential units from 141 to 154 and slightly reduce ground-floor retail, keeping it in the 30,000 s.f. range. And yet construction is unlikely in the near future. Arlington Virginia commercial real estateJim Mobley, VP of Elm Street, said the amendment covered minor "tweaks" to the plan and that the group is working with WDG Architecture to update the them accordingly. Mobley expects to finish the revisions over the next six months, though construction is "financing dependent." The developers initially planned construction in late 2007, for what was first intended to be a condominium project, but in October 2008 was switched to apartments with an open-ended 2010 completion target. Now Mobley said about the units "we are looking at them being condos," though he did not venture to give any concrete start dates. Formerly home to a Taco Bell and neighborhood bar, Dr. Dremo's, having been demolished in late 2008 to make way for...something. The development is bounded by Wilson Boulevard, North Rhodes Street, Clarendon Boulevard, and North Courthouse Road, and carries a street address of 2001 Clarendon Boulevard since the building fronts Clarendon.

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