Monday, June 14, 2010

Georgetown Apple Store Opens June 18th

Which is the bigger deal - that Apple now has a Georgetown store or that Georgetown now has an Apple store? Given the recent bleeding-out of retail from Georgetown thanks to the ongoing drama at the Shops at Georgetown Park, Georgetown looks to be the big winner here. The loser is of course the hipsters who will have to find somewhere to lock their fixed-gear bikes when they get their beloved i-Pads serviced. On June 18th at 5 PM, Apple will open its first store within the confines of the District at 1229 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, just north of M Street.

The real triumph for Apple came last year when its fifth design received approval by the various powers-that-be in DC and Georgetown, including the Old Georgetown Board. Original designs featured Apple's ubiquitous glass panel front entrance, but this smacked of modern showmanship as far as the neighborhood was concerned. The final agreement included bay windows and a recessed entrance more harmonious with the surrounding neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see DC is getting an Apple store.

Hopefully, this is just the start. I would be nice to have a centrally located "flagship" store downtown (alla: the NY/Chi/SF/Bos Apple stores).

Que said...

And this store will only really be for tourist not people who would take there Macs there to be fixed.

Bet this store wont have much room in it.

Amanda Abrams on Jun 16, 2010, 9:43:00 AM said...

I appreciate the nod to Georgetown's lack of bike parking. I don't read this site regularly so I don't know if it's something y'all bring up often, but it drives me nuts! M Street has literally NO place to park bikes; even the light poles are too fat for a U lock. It's hard to avoid jumping to the conclusion that the G'town merchants would rather turn away cyclists than sully their street with unwieldy bikes.

Anonymous said...

If Apple really wants to have a DC HQ suitable for its modern designs they should consider coming to 14 Street/Logan Circle. First floor of the Mission on the corner of 14 and R Street would be perfect!

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