Thursday, June 03, 2010

Waterfront Station- Fenty Makes it Official

If no development in DC is official until the Mayor appears for a photo op and a speech, then Waterfront Station became official yesterday.

On the other hand, 1,600 of his employees have been on site since March, when the initial office buildings opened, and have been enjoying the newly opened Safeway. The Safeway closed its old store in March and reopened its "urban concept" store April 16th; the grocery store opening was quickly followed by last month's opening of the newly reconnected 4th Street. The new 4th Street not only creates the new “Main Street” of Waterfront Station, but also a new connecting artery for Southwest.

Two new office buildings flanking 4th Street each now offer 250,000 s.f. of space above the Metro. Development team Forest City Washington, Vornado/Charles E. Smith and Bresler and Reiner, Inc., must have been pleased to have Mayor Fenty on hand, knowing that the DC government has leased 100% of the office space for this phase of the project, a detail that made construction financing a whole lot easier. The building was designed by Shalom Baranes & Associates to achieve LEED certification, though not yet official the green certification is in the works.

To date 88 percent of retail has been leased, with CVS opening in a month and a Z Burger set to open this fall. When Station 4, from owners of Ulah Bistro, opens in the fall it will be the only after-hours restaurant in SW not on the Waterfront.

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Anonymous said...

If only he would wear a sash at these occacions like Mayor Quimby...

Anonymous said...

The statement in the article that the Station 4 will be the only after hours restaurant in Southwest not on the waterfront is not exactly correct. The Holiday Inn at 4th and C Southwest has two, as does the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel (though one is essentially a small pub/watering hole). But the point - the need for a lot more such venues - is well taken. And this includes the area around the Federal Center/Southwest Metro as well, which is near the Mall, and will be bustling with a lot more workers in the near future as developments like the Patriots Plaza at 4th and E, and the upgrading of the old FDA Lab building and the Mary Switzer Building along C Streets between 2nd and 4th, S.W., fill in.

Anonymous said...

(Same Anonymous as previous comment) - I forgot to mention the CityZen and the Sou'Wester at the Mandarin Oriental at the Portals.

- Maybe the article should say the Sation 4 will be the only after hours restaurant in Southwest not on the waterfront or in a hotel!

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