Friday, August 27, 2010

EYA Announces Construction Start for Brookland Metro Project

After last week's announcement of Bozzuto-Pritzker Venture's new alliance with Abdo in developing the $200 million project on Catholic's South Campus, every propogator of real estate news (including DCMud), was happy just to have something printable during a lazy August. But the cash infusion into the neighborhood was good for other developers too; namely EYA, which rebroadcast the news in advance of its own groundbreaking around the corner. The area's current access, or lack thereof, to quality, independent eateries and retail is regrettable, and any chance of more commerce, whatever the time-frame, is good news. Now piggybacking on these housing-market huzzahs, EYA has given the area's residents and real estate news junkies more to cheer about, announcing that their expansive LEED-certified residential development will break ground on Tuesday. As proof of the regional renaissance, EYA also notes "the massive 40+ acre Dakota Crossing development and the Rhode Island Avenue Metro redevelopment".

The 10-acre field of grass EYA purchased from St. Paul's College is now tilled, and come the first week of September foundations will go in and construction will start moving vertically. EYA expects to deliver their first townhouse models in February or March of next year. Upon completion the whole project will bring 237 Lessard Group-designed single-family townhomes to the former campus field. The townhouses are currently being offered from $470,000 to $590,000. According to EYA, only 206 of the total will be officially "luxury townhomes" while the remaining 31 will be marketed as "affordable dwelling units." Half will go to those unit-dwellers (a.k.a. humans) earning 50% Area Median Income (AMI) and half to those earning 80% AMI.

EYA began marketing their Chancellor's Row houses in May, before they had even finished constructing their sales center. Not to be misled by the subtle art of neighborhood cartography, neighborhood watchdogs have pointed out that the "Brookland Metro" development lies a few blocks west of the unofficial "official" dividing line (9th Street NE) of Brookland, in Edgewood.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad they couldn't tie it more into the existing streets rather than a subdvision

Anonymous said...

And also too bad that they are using porches like an accessory instead of an integral part of the house and street-scape. All the houses should have a porch on a row instead of them being used like an ornament in their renderings for this project.

neighborhood watchdog said...

"neighborhood watchdogs have pointed out that the "Brookland Metro" development lies a few blocks east of the unofficial "official" dividing line (9th Street NE) of Brookland, in Edgewood."

This development is west of the divider, not east.

Anonymous said...

i guess the issue is why use a neighborhood name at all if you can't use and respect the proper name.

Anonymous said...

Brookland, Bozzuto, EYA, PERS Development, Seems like these guys will actually have an impact in our neighborhood. Thanks and good luck to all of them.

Unknown on Oct 28, 2010, 1:32:00 PM said...

Im confused as to why this site plan shows the west side of 5th street as a new development...especially because I live there and I dont recall any realators knocking on my door.

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