Thursday, August 05, 2010

Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom

Various real estate blogs are reporting that Whole Foods has signed a lease agreement with Boston Properties to occupy 37,000 s.f. in their Foggy Bottom development. The site on Washington Circle, known as Square 54, has long been rumored as a prospective house for the upscale grocer, but Boston Properties had declined to comment on the possible tenant, maintaining a Whole Foods policy of not commenting on leases and plans.

The grocery store will be the closest full-service supermarket to many Georgetowners, providing stiff competition for the newly opened Safeway just north of Georgetown. The former hospital site will provide 335 apartment units and 440,000 s.f. of office space, on a 60-year lease from George Washington University to Boston Properties. The residences are expected to open in early 2011, with Whole Foods thought to open in mid 2011.

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Anonymous said...

What a relief that Northwest is getting another Whole Foods. With only four in NW/Chevy Chase, the aisles are getting pretty crowded. This definitely reduces our chances of getting taken out by a rouge yoga-mat wielded by a Whole Foods shopper.

le poo des poo said...

Hey, Ken. Can you please have two categories of comments? Perhaps one for "insightful", and one for ..... "dipshit"? The previous poster would likely be thankful for their new category.

Thanks in advance!

Ken on Aug 7, 2010, 6:10:00 PM said...

The editorial board will consider your request, poo. We did remove "insightful" from the comment line, I think people were intimidated by the billing.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness another grocery store in NW. And near the Metro - hopefully this will make shopping more convenient for those residents of NE/SE with only 1?. Is DC retail getting redundant?

Anonymous said...

Ken, perhaps you need yet another category for REALLY insightful comments, like the one from poo; perhaps you can call it "poopy comments."

Anonymous said...

Yeaee! Now the D.C. bag tax needs to be ended and everything will be great. Was there ever any study about whether the supposed bags in the Anacostia had anything to do with D.C. shoppers? And wasn't it just plastic bags that were a problem? How long would it take a paper bag to biodegrade in the murky waters around here? 48 hours?

And now that that liar Fenty has said the taxes collected won't be going to cleaning the Ancostia anyhow, it's clear this has all been another ruse to take our money. As if D.C. taxes aren't high enough. Gotta pay for all of the freeloaders, I guess.

Can't wait for the Whole Foods!

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