Friday, January 07, 2011

District Condos Construction Monday

While the rest of the real estate world is still rubbing its eyes and trying to take stock of 2011, development work is racing ahead in some quarters. Take JBG, for instance, which let fly yesterday that it would start building Rosslyn Commons in two weeks, and today said that it and partner Grosvenor are starting work on their other high-visibility condo project - District Condos - on Monday.

A source within JBG says groundbreaking for the 125-unit, Shalom Baranes designed building, is in fact scheduled for Monday on Logan Circle's trendy 14th Street. JBG will also incorporate the former AIDs clinic at the southern end of the lot for additional retail that will wrap around the corner of S and 14th Streets. The Chevy Chase developer has teamed with Toronto-based Cecconi Simone Inc. and local retailer Vastu for interior design and finishes, respectively. Unit sizes will trend smaller than might have
been built a few years ago, with a preponderance of 1-bedroom condos, respecting the more conservative outlook (fiscal, of course) of the average buyer in the neighborhood, where turnover of small units tends to be quick even at a more pricey range than is found in adjacent neighborhoods.

JBG had earlier predicted that construction would commence at the end of 2010, and the site still has to be cleared of the buildings that are not being preserved, putting delivery well into 2012. Sales are expected to start sometime in the late spring.

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Anonymous said...

having lived in a cecconi simone designed unit for the last 17 months, the kitchen is the most frustrating, with the bathroom a close second. cheap canadian cabinets whose molding breaks once a month with no warranty (you can take them down and send them to the company at your expense, pay for the fix and return shipping)and silly deep drawers with no movable shelves hamper storage in a bad way - lots of wasted space. bathrooms with high end, thousand dollar sinks that you can't unclog yourself, yet $29 toilets - the combo has left many of us scratching our heads. not to mention bathtubs that are shorter than normal - the smallest on the market. i sat on the concept roundtable for these new condos and offered advice for the builders. let's hope our 20 voices managed to put some sense into their heads.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Shalom Baranes fan, but I like the rendering. Build baby, build!

Unknown on Jan 10, 2011, 10:06:00 PM said...

I've been in a Cecconi Simone project in Toronto, and it was amazing. Perhaps the developer's financial troubles on the Metropole led to cheapening of the finishes? The renderings on the website look pretty cool

IMGoph on Jan 11, 2011, 9:51:00 PM said...

to be accurate, whitman-walker was (and is) more than just an "AIDS clinic" (and not sure why you made the "s" lowercase).

it's an organization that provides a full range of health care to those who need help.

Ken on Jan 11, 2011, 11:24:00 PM said...

Oh, yeah well, sure, if you're striving for accuracy, and all, but that seems very time consuming.

Shaniqua17 on Sep 27, 2012, 10:35:00 AM said...

I think it is a great thing that they are able to build again. That has to say something, if only very small, about the economy. If more people are building condos, homes and office spaces for rent and to buy then we must be on a small upswing. I hope that they are able to build nice condos and apartments for people and that their company is doing well.

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