Thursday, February 03, 2011

Your Next Place...

By Franklin Schneider

A literal stone's throw from the Eastern Market metro station (please do not throw stones at the Eastern Market metro station), this is an incredibly appealing 2BR/2BA unit. With multiple skylights, and high ceilings, the space feels open and dramatic. There's a fireplace, a compact galley kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a washer/dryer, and two roof decks, from which you can in fact see the Capitol Dome. Now, when you see something on the news about the government doing something you don't like, you can dash out onto the deck and shake your fist at the thing itself! I bet that would totally make you feel better! It's also about as effective as voting. (Just kidding. Sort of.) The place also comes with garage parking which, if you're a car owner, you recognize as one of the greatest pleasures in life. I mean, there are few things more demoralizing than looking for parking. After circling my neighborhood for almost half an hour late at night last week, consistently rounding corners just as some other driver slid into a recently-vacated space, it hit me like a lightning bolt: life really doesn't have any meaning at all, does it? (I finally just parked it illegally.)
But really, what more could you want from a place? If I was the agent for this property, I would silently lead prospective buyers through each room, up to the decks, down to the parking garage, and then, at the conclusion of this tour, grab them by the shoulders and shake them violently while screaming, “WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT!?” But then that's why I'm not a real estate agent.

350 9th St SE #25
2 Bdrms, 2 Baths, Parking


Anonymous said...

entertaining ......thanx

Anonymous said...

Very nice living space but that is a dorm size fridge in the kitchen. Why bother with a dishwasher when you won't be able to hold enough food to even cook?

IsmeSon on Feb 4, 2011, 12:41:00 PM said...

Love the write up. I wish more real estate listings were written like this.

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