Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hine School Project Shifts Plans

The Hine School Project, a development won by Stanton-EastBanc, is shaping up to provide more residential units than outlined in initial plans, partly because of business pullouts.

As reported by Michael Niebauer in Washington Business Journal, residential space has been allocated an additional 100,000 square feet, up from 144,594 in 2009. Though the additional residences will alleviate the District's current housing pinch, the shift was the result of the Tiger Woods Foundation decision to nix youth center plans and the International Relief and Development aborting a headquarters move. The total square footage has dropped nearly 100,000, to approximately 558,000 s.f. square feet of retail, office and residential space.

"We're still early in the process on this project," says Dave Garrison, Commissioner for ANC 6B. "We're not sure how static the plans are. There are still many layers to go before the formal submission of design." Stanton-EastBanc will feature slides on its website that reflect the changes in the design within the next couple days.

Garrison says the the plans will be formally reviewed by the Historic Preservation Board in early March, with a second hearing before the ANC board later in the month. It would then go on to the zoning board, at which point there will be a special meeting regarding the project's community benefits and amenities, since it creates greater density than is currently permitted by zoning. "This is an idiocyncratic process that will be shaped by circumstances, timing and the economy that really is a wide open discussion about the plans," said Garrison.

If all goes smoothly, the projected calendar for development is to apply for permits late this year, with construction to begin in 2012, with a completion date of 2015.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the project will still be fine, but a little office here would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how I feel about this. I like density for residential so more residents isn't so much the problem. Since this is a primo location any residential space won't be anything but the generic high-end stuff, but the thought of more high end condos for those making $100,000+ just makes me tired. I like the idea of a boutique hotel but would this location be good for that I don't know.

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