Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Shops at Dakota Crossing to Break Ground in May

May will mark the groundbreaking for the big box shopping center - The Shops at Dakota Crossing - on New York Avenue and South Dakota Avenue, NE. The $52 million dollar project on 42 acres is a joint project between Fort Lincoln New Town Corporation, CSG Urban Partners, and Trammel Crow Washington DC retail for lease, Dakota Crossing, restaurant for leaseCompany that will house 430,000 s.f. of buildings and include Costco, Target, Marshalls, and Shoppers Food Warehouse.

Costco is scheduled for an August 2012 opening, with the remainder of retailers to open in March 2013.

The pursuit of retailers at Dakota Crossing has been at least a decade in the making with Costco the lead in committing to the site. The plans had been hindered by two obstacles, the primary one being the controversy that ensued over paving the current wetland that filters waste and prevents flooding; Ft. Lincoln New Town Corp. has responded by creating new wetlands reviewed by the US Army Corp of Engineers, the EPA and DC DOE. The second hurdle had been the delay in inspiring additional retailers to sign on to the location.

CBRE retail for leaseThe shops at Dakota Crossing are part of an extensive development of the area that had started in the 70's under the city's Urban Renewal Plan. The development includes 1370 residential units, including condos and rentals that were built during the 1980’s and 1990’s; the 127-unit Wesley House senior apartments opened early last summer; and 209 town homes were completed in July 2010 that have sold out at an average listing price of $460,000Shops at Dakota Crossing, retail for lease, CSG Urban Partners, Trammell Crow.

Still in the works are the Villages at Dakota Crossing situated at Ft. Lincoln Drive and 33rd Street N.E., an $80 M, 334 town house and condo project for which the January ground breaking has been delayed, as well as the Ft. Lincoln multi-family development of 352 units on target to break ground in 2012. Townhouse construction on the 54 City Homes at Fort Lincoln started this past January.

Despite Fort Lincoln's stated commitment to the environment regarding the retail project in particular - with cisterns, green roofs, green walls, and other low-impact development measures - dismay over the 2000-plus surface parking spaces has fueleWashington DC retail for leased the ire of community groups and residents. On its website Anacostia Riverkeepers wrote, "The developer has proposed ways to mitigate storm water, but. . . [we do not] feel the proposed plan goes far enough. Anacostia Riverkeeper is not opposed to the project per se but believes strongly the proposal should be redesigned to protect the existing wetlands and control stormwater pollution in the Anacostia Watershed."Washington, DC Commercial Real Estate Development News


Anonymous said...

Did they know it isn't 1990?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately amenities in the city are so far behind the surrounding area, …it is 1990.

Critically Urban on Apr 26, 2011, 10:35:00 AM said...

We will have to wait another 20-30 years for the immediate surrounding growth and infrastructure to necessitate a redevelopment of this site into a denser, more pedestrian, and urban project that DC deserves. Unfortunately (and for me personally, depressingly), according to the developer the financial risk for this site didn't work as a "town center" and banks were not willing to loan after the recession began. Hopefully the surrounding density will catch up and force a redevelopment sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that they had to create all that surface parking. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Look at all that parking! What is this, the 1950s? At the very least, the developer should be required to put solar panels over the parking lot.


Anonymous said...

Since it is right off the highway and not at a Metro station the surface parking does not bother me. With the surface parking maybe DC can pull in a few more MD dollars instead of DC’s shopping dollars flowing out. It is a net gain for an area with few amenities (but w/ beautiful city views) At least they are breaking ground, the higher density projects at Fort Totten can’t seem to get any real traction and the land is on red & green line.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are forgetting that this project can't be truly urban since

1. Its near no metro station what so ever, the closest one is miles away.

2. However it is directly off of Rt. 50 with the Balt-Wash parkway not too far away. This makes sense for the large parking lot this will have not to mention you NEED this type of parking for a Costco.

Que said...

I wouldn't say this area is not near a station.

The area is close to Deanwood (Deanwood is actually closer than the stations which the buses around there serve Rhode Island Ave & Brookland)

The problem is there is no way to access a metrostation from the site due to no streets crossing the river except for a highway and limited bus service. If metro added bus service from Deanwood Station to here it would be able a 5 minute trip.

Anonymous said...


So, are you advocating that the city cut through (and subsequently ruin) Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and Park to get to this development from the Deanwood Metro?

The best mode on transportation to this development is by automobile and probably will remain so for decades.

Mr. Other Upper NW on Apr 28, 2011, 3:29:00 PM said...

Yes, people are certainly going to flock to the Deanwood Metro station and then navigate some hideously complex route so they can walk 20 minutes to Costco, and then they can haul all of their purchases back in their...well,in what, exactly? Knapsacks?

Den on Apr 28, 2011, 6:55:00 PM said...

Every area seems to have its act in gear accept Fort Rotten! Why they are not willing to take a risk at a Metro transfer point is beyond me! Anacostia is showing more improvement.

Sean Hennessey on Apr 28, 2011, 11:25:00 PM said...

i wonder how soon vincent orange will take credit for this.

IMGoph on May 6, 2011, 5:33:00 PM said...

scenic artisan: i'm sure he already has in many forums. get ready for his used car salesman grin to be rendered in a giant neon sign hanging over the entire thing.

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