Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forest City to Begin Construction of 225 Apartments, Harris Teeter in Southeast

With a building permit to construct the next component of the Yards in hand, Forest City says construction of the Harris Teeter and new apartment building is less than two months away. Permits were issued a month ago, and Forest City's Gary McManus confirms that "[e]xcavation [at Parcel D] will commence within the next 60 days... construction will be underway on that site prior to the end of this year."

Currently, Forest City is focused on phase one (of three) of its 42-acre Yards development in Southeast, D.C. With the first-phase Riverfront Park and Foundry Lofts already completed, and the Boilermaker Shops underway, the developer now turns to construction of Parcel D: a 225-unit apartment with a 50,000-s.f. Harris Teeter, 30,000-s.f. Vida fitness center, and 30,000-s.f. of additional retail space.

Parcel D's site runs along the east side of 4th Street, between Tingey and M Street. The project, under general contractor Skanska, aims for late 2013 completion.

Designed by Shalom Baranes, the site includes two buildings that will appear as having three distinct components: two residential towers (one above the Harris Teeter on 4th Street), and a shorter retail and fitness center building on the southernmost section of the lot (as seen above).

Directly across from Parcel D's retail building is the 2-story Boilermaker Shops (Parcel K) which includes 34,500 s.f. of retail with 12,000 s.f. of office space above, expected to deliver in the fall of 2012.

Rounding out phase one of the development are parcels E and N, both still in the design phase.

Along with Forest City's summer announcement that the Harris Teeter was a done deal at Parcel D, the developer revealed that two concepts - one being an artisan brew pub - will be crafted by the Neighborhood Restaurant Group for the Boilermaker Shops. NRG's concepts will share a roof with Buzz Bakery, Huey's 24/7 Diner, Austin Grill Express, brb (be right burger) and Willie’s Brew & ‘cue by Xavier Cervera, who is also remaking the Hawk 'n' Dove on Capitol Hill, and opening a pizzeria with raw bar in Southeast's Canal Park.

Also nearing completion in Southeast is a one-mile stretch of river-walk trail linking Yards Park and Diamond Teague Park & Piers. According to Ted Skirbunt with the Capitol Riverfront BID, the completion - next month - of this connection will create enhanced public access and enjoyment of the Southeast riverfront.

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Ben said...

When I was there at this location about two weeks ago, it looked like there was already some activity going on at this site, with a tractor clearing the lot of debris and doing general preparation.

As has been mentioned by others, 2011 has been a big year for the Southeast waterfront/Navy Yard. Hopefully this will put an end to all the srticles about why this area is taking so long to develop that always seem to be published every six months.

Ergonomic Chair on Oct 13, 2011, 12:28:00 AM said...

Well,I am looking forward to seeing the best improvements in the area especially now that anything can be possible through good design and advance technology.

Anonymous said...

A grey gridded box raised up on a podium. these architects are stuck in the worst part of our past. Imagine how depressing this building will look in 20 years!

LJ said...

Have to agree with Anonymous... Why not just move some of the ugly stilted buildings over in Southwest and save money on new construction. Hideous.

Anonymous said...

Right now the only non-food products that one can buy in this new neighborhood are sold at the CVS. There is a desparate need for a dry cleaners, perhaps a retail clothing store, shoe repair shop and home furnishings provider.

Also, it is interesting that almost no one in DC builds a predominantly masonry clad residential building. Surely with all of the glass options there would be a market for folks who want new, but brick traditional.

Anonymous said...

Worst part of this design is that there is no brand identity - this building looks just like a cheaper riff of the Safeway up M street. One trick pony architects.

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