Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New Tryst/Diner Project in Columbia Heights to Begin Construction Next Week

Constantine Stavropoulos
says that he will begin full construction on his New Tryst/Diner Project in Columbia Heights next week, with all building permits now in hand. Located at Monroe and 11th Street, NW, along an eclectic strip of restaurants, the 7,000-s.f. diner/bar/coffee shop will eventually stand out as "a third place," according to Stavropoulos, but has become most notable to date for the prolonged petitioning of its existence by several neighbors. In February, in response to an outcry over the possible influx of boozy patrons to the site, Stavropoulos said, "My restaurants attract students, construction workers, freelancers...people are going to and from work all the time. We're not in an era of 9 to 5 anymore." 

While some have found reasons to protest the size, liquor licensing, and proposed 24/7 operation, others remain in support of these same things, hoping neighborhood vitality follows suit. Nestled within Madison Development's 4-floor, 28-unit condominium on open-house display tonight, the interior of the varied-offering concept is designed by Stavropoulos and his father George Stavropoulos, the architect behind Stavropoulos Associates. New to the Columbia Heights area, Stravropoulos' previous D.C. ventures have been in Adams Morgan (Tryst, Diner) and Woodley Park (Open City). Stavropoulos purchased the ground floor of 1020 Monroe Street from Madison early this year for $1.9 million. Madison bought the entire 1920s-era building in 2010 for $3.2 million. Originally hoping to be opening up for business around this time - to coincide with the completion of the building's condos - Stavropoulos is now aiming for early 2012. Stavropoulos also confirmed, "The working name is The New Tryst/Diner Project." There is no official name yet; the oft-referred-to " Margot's Chair" is only the name of the holding company, and there's still a chance that it could become "The Fishbowl." 

  Update 11/30: According to Stavropoulos, his father is not involved with the interior - like he was for Tryst, The Diner and Open City - but will be responsible for the restaurant's facade. The design of the interior is under the control of lead architect Michael Cross, of R. Michael Cross Design Group, and is being executed by Allen-Built Construction. "The Fishbowl" is not a name contender for the new concept, which is currently referred to as "The New Tryst/Diner Project," while the right name remains to be found. 

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Ace in DC said...

God I can't wait. Thank you for building this. This could literally be a "game changer" for the whole neighborhood (ok, a little hyperbolic I know - but still very exciting).

EJ said...

Ha. I'm sitting in the "old" Tryst as I read this, what an absolutely fabulous place. If the new place is 70% as cool, it will be a hit. Glad its being built. Any neighbors that don't get that this improves the neighborhood are short-sighted cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

Anonymous said...

I too want to say thank you for building this!

Anonymous said...

This neighborhood NEEDS something like this more than most. They should be kissing his a$$ not fighting him on it!

Anonymous said...

If Red Rocks and Meridian Pint aren't a problem, why would people object to a diner/coffee shop???? This would be a great addition to the area.

Anonymous said...

Another great project from Constantin..........Great job

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