Friday, June 12, 2009

NPR to Start Work on New NoMa HQ

It's time turn down the volume on 88.5 FM and swap out your cardigan and khakis for a Hazmat suit, because work on National Public Radio's new NoMa headquarters will begin next month.

NPR's new 400,000-s.f. HQ at 1111 North Capitol Street, NE, will rise from an expansion and renovation of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Companies Warehouse and Repair Facility presently on site. The historically-protected (and Meads Row isn't?) 83-year-old structure, however, is rife with toxic substances, including asbestos, the removal of which will constitute the first phase of development since the project was announced one year ago.

"The abatement of hazardous materials from the inside of the building and the interior demolition [will begin] in July," said NPR media contact, Danielle Deabler. “The actual construction is anticipated in late 2010 or early 2011…Our move-in date is fall 2013.”

Given the lengthy timeline in place for a full build-out of the new headquarters, Deabler tells DCmud that NPR’s development team for the project - Boston Properties and Hickok Cole Architects - have yet to produce a final design scheme for NoMa’s newest corporate high-rise. According to the NPR rep, a picture of the supposed fa├žade that made the rounds a few months back was merely an example of Hickok Cole’s preliminary vision for the site.

“We don’t have a rendering that we are releasing publicly right now. The only rendering that has been drawn up is the one [the architects] used to bid with. Since that most likely won’t be won’t it looks like, we don’t have a final [design] to show yet,” said Deabler.

The development team is currently in the process of selecting a general contractor for hazmat removal and construction. Final bids were due on June 2nd and a final choice will be announced shortly. (Expect NPR's pledge drive to be even more intense this year, as well.) Meanwhile, NoMa's first hotel opened its doors last week.


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