Monday, June 01, 2009

NYU to Build Student Center in Downtown DC

Downtown DC will soon be getting a little taste of Greenwich Village, now that New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is moving forward with plans for 75,000 square foot, LEED gold-certified “multipurpose center” at 1307 L Street, NW. Entitled the NYU-DC Center, the educational/dormitory facility will house some 200 students studying off-campus at the site of former local dive bar Stoney’s (since relocated to swankier Logan Circle).

The Hickok Cole-designed complex will feature a lecture hall, seminar rooms and office space for NYU’s Office of Government and Community Affairs and John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress, below five-stories of student housing - should be easy to concentrate there. Though the NYU-DC Center won’t be operational until 2012 or 2013, the University is already attempting to spark interest in the center amongst its student body by lauding the selected site as “close to many NGO’s, and near one of Washington’s newest cultural centers, the 14th Street corridor” – two factors that make it ripe for both cushy summer internships and late night downtown escapades. Students of economics, politics, art history, journalism and other CAS mainstays will be eligible for study at the Center. The project was spurred by a recent donation (of an undisclosed sum) from NYU alum and Washington litigator, Ronald Abramson.

Once completed, the Center will serve as NYU’s thirteenth off-campus (but first domestic) study abroad site; the University already has other locations across five continents in far-flung locales like Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Ghana, Buenos Aires and Prague. However, seeing as NYU is one of the most expensive colleges in the nation (if not the world), student transplants to the District might be able to get a break on rent at Paradigm Development’s new Washington Center student housing complex, currently under construction in NoMA.


Across the street said...

Empty lot of demolition debris and hay bales how I will miss you. Seriously though, by law they should have to agree to take back all the mice that migrated to the surrounding buildings.

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