Thursday, June 25, 2009

Capitol Hill's Eastern Market Reopens

Mayor Adrian Fenty and DC officials will cut the ribbon on the new Eastern Market tomorrow (Friday) at 10:30 am. The $22m renovation was completed just over two years after the market was destroyed in a fire in April 2007. Eastern Market, Capitol Hill, Quinn Evans, Minkoff CompanyThe development team - led by OPM, along with Quinn Evans Architects, the Minkoff Company, Keystone Plus Construction, FEI Construction and The Temple Group, led the construction efforts so that each of market's original vendors can return to their former locations in the building’s Southern Hall, while their temporary domicile across the street is repurposed for community use. The new Eastern Market will feature, in a first for the 138-year-old building, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and separate men's and women’s restrooms, not to mention a newly-installed sprinkler system, with the hope that it will prevent the type of incident that led to the market’s shuttering for two plus years. Capitol Hill retail, Eastern Market, Washington DC real estate Another celebration will be held on Saturday, June 27th along an improved 7th Street streetscape, which will be open to traffic Monday through Friday, but closed on weekends for pedestrian use.

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uncle jessie said...

Gosh. Isn't it something how an old market in the rich part of town can burn down and promptly get rebuilt in less than two years? While in the not-so rich part of town, the exact same market building (O St. Market) gets neglected for decades, has its roof cave in and still be nowhere near redevelopment (unless you count a some fancy plans with no financing to back it up)? Well at least we're consistent: give the rich people nice amenities and keep the ghetto a ghetto.

Ribbo said...


Gee, I'm glad you're not bitter. I wouldn't call Shaw a ghetto anymore, so I don't think this is a black and white issue (as if the DC Gov is against blacks). Oh yeah, the O Street market is being developed by a private developer, its not the city's responsibility. And yet the city has approved a TIF plan to support and fund development, because they want it done too. I'd worry more about the UFO conspiracies than this one.

Anonymous said...


No one mentioned race until you assumed that that was what Uncle Jessie was referring to when he discussed how the government unfairly treats poor communities.

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