Monday, September 21, 2009

Congressman on a Wire

The federal government and the circus will be one step closer after today's Zoning Commission hearing, which will consider an application for a Trapeze School on land currently owned by the General Services Administration. The zoning text amendment would allow TSNY (Trapeze School of New York) a trapeze and performing arts facility on 55,300 s.f. of land east of the ball park and southeast of the U.S. Department of Transportation building.

Pending approval the "trapeze school and aerial performing arts center" will have access to the land as a matter of right until December 2014. The school is currently in a temporary location at the site of the Old Washington Convention Center at 9th and H St, NW. Perhaps Congress might consider doing one of the schools "team-building workshops." The Zoning Commission hearing is scheduled for tonight at 6:30 PM in the Office of Zoning hearing room at 441 4th Street and is open to the public, so swing by.

photo by Rich Riggins


Anonymous said...

So, are they moving because the old convention center site is finally read to break ground for the new development??


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