Friday, September 25, 2009

Real Estate Financial Modeling Seminar

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In conjunction with its exhibiting at the Urban Land Institute Washington’s DC Conference, Arlington-based Real Estate Financial Modeling (REFM) officially launched its company yesterday to meet the growing demand in the real estate professional and educational realms for fundamentals-based, quantitative real estate development financial modeling resources.

As real estate professionals and students worldwide have returned to conservative underwriting standards, there has been a strong increase in demand for analytical, investment and educational resources to help the real estate community better analyze and present their development transactions in this rigorous way.

REFM was founded by Wharton MBA and DC metro area real estate developer Bruce Kirsch. Through REFM’s Live Group Training Sessions, Bruce imparts the wisdom, techniques and shortcuts learned through more than 10,000 hours of Excel modeling and real estate development experience. The next Training Session is on Saturday, September 26th at George Washington University, and in an innovative twist, all Training Session attendees will also get the REFM Financial Model and Video Tutorial Module downloads, which contain sophisticated Excel-based models as plug-and-play tools ready for transaction analysis, as well as videos of the Training Session content as a permanent reference. Those who are unable to get tickets to a Training Session can purchase the Modules as a standalone product at REFM’s website,

By providing this novel, detailed learn-at-your-own-pace Video Tutorial component, REFM not only empowers its customers with the ability to customize the Financial Models to their particular needs, but also saves university professors and students valuable class time for more nuanced teaching and learning of these critically important technical skills. Additionally, a Case Study offered by REFM is already on a syllabus at the University of Southern California, and more than 15 other major universities worldwide are currently evaluating the Case Study product.

“Now, more than ever, meticulous quantitative analysis of real estate transactions is critical,” stated Bruce Kirsch, Principal of REFM.


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