Tuesday, September 01, 2009

NoMa's Largest Mixed Use Building Caps Off

All the dust being kicked up in NoMa is finally paying off, with the topping off of Constitution Square, in what will be NoMa's largest mixed-use project, a 7-acre mixed use anchor, one block from the New York Avenue metro, that will deliver by late next year. Having reached its maximum height of 13 stories (in the residential portion), the project is still about a year away from delivering the first of its capacity, which will eventually include a 206-room Hilton hotel, 440 apartments, 340,000 s.f. of office space, and a Harris Teeter to boot - NoMa's first grocery store and first residential building.

The two-phase project kicked off in April of 2008, with the groundbreaking of the first phase. The two million square feet of development is the brainchild of Bethesda-based StonebridgeCarras and Walton Street Capital. The residential and retail portion, designed by SK&I Architects, will be the first to deliver, likely in early 2010, and will be LEED certified. SK&I is also designing the common areas of the apartments and the core and shell of the Hilton. The office space, designed by HOK Architecture, will add the office space in phases one and two, and though it is still a year off it has already scored some major tenants, including the Department of Justice. The office portion aims for a Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for green design.

According to Guclu Durusoy, Project Manager of SK&I, the facade will include extensive floor to ceiling glass to lighten the massing of the building. The residences will include a fitness center, outdoor pool deck, and three courtyards. Bethesda-based Clark Construction, which is performing construction, will hold an event on September 4th to celebrate the construction milestone.

This will be the first mixed-use project to come online, according to Liz Price, Director of the NoMa BID, who cites the neighborhood as "truly walkable" given the incoming density and existing public transportation infrastructure. The 35-block area is expected to see 20m square feet of development over the next ten years.


John said...

I am really looking forward to having a Harris Teeter nearby and hopefully more retail will follow.

I'm surprised that the residential would be the first to deliver. I hard heard previously the office space finish early 2010 with retail & residential in the winter of 2010/2011.

Anonymous said...

Which phase (date) will the Harris Teeter be delivered in?

poo poo said...

HT will be delivered in the first phase.

Que said...

Cant wait until the sidewalk and street are done so that it will be easier to travel around the building without changing lanes in the case of motor vehicles or zigzagging along sidewalks for people walking.

Que said...

What is the point of the gap in-between the buildings thats a waste of space.

JohnDC said...

Que, you need that for residences so they have windows. Not many people want windowless rooms as they cant' be classified as bedrooms.

Que said...

JohnDC, couldn't they just extended Patterson street or made an open area there so you don't have to walk all around the whole block to get to the station area if your along Patterson or 1st Street

Anonymous said...

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