Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your Next Place...

By Franklin Schneider

Just a block from Catholic University and the Red Line, 1014 Monroe St. NE is billed as “the best house in Brookland.” From the outside it looks like a quaint, cottage-style home, but inside it's shiny and modern, with all the usual perks of a new renovation. The open plan living/dining area and kitchen has a ton of light and is pretty ridiculously huge; if you pushed all the furniture to the side, you'd have more than enough room to put down a legitimate full-size Slip n' Slide. (Try not to careen into the stainless steel custom railing though; the braided steel cable looks like it could easily decapitate.) Upstairs, each of the two upper floors has a master bedroom suite; the one on the third floor has vaulted ceilings and a skylight, so you can lie in bed for a few minutes each morning and pretend you're on death row and that that little square of sky is all
you ever see of the outside world. (I used to do this when I lived in a room with skylight; it made getting up and going to work slightly less unpleasant. Slightly.) The bathrooms are very modern, with exposed brick and stone and ceramic basins and glass shower enclosures. The house also has an “in-law suite,” which is sort of this separate little wing of the house with two bedrooms and a bathroom and kitchen and its own private entrance. I think this is a brilliant idea, though if I bought the house I'd also install a series of trapdoors throughout the main house that opened onto a network of slides, that all emptied into the in-law suite. That way, when the in-laws visited, they could come chat and have dinner in the main house, but as soon as they tried to get out the jigsaw puzzles or interrogate me about your “nest egg” I could just press a concealed button and be like, “alllllllll right, back to the in-law suite.”

1014 Monroe NE

6 Bedrooms
4.5 Baths



IMGoph on Mar 31, 2011, 11:02:00 AM said...

check out the video here. (says the house is under contract.)

Anonymous said...

The turnaround time on that house was super quick. I remember it being in horrible shape for a long time. They bought it and really made it beautiful. I notice the other side has had some work done but still needs some attention. Hopefully someone buys it now.

The location is great, right on the doorsteps of the metro

Al said...

@Anonymous, I was told by realtor with the 1014 Monroe St. NE listing that the adjacent home is owned by a DC cop who is slowly renovating it himself. So it will be nice eventually.

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