Thursday, March 03, 2011

Former J.P.'s Night Club Shows Signs of Life

Glover Park gentlemen's club, Washington DCThose who don't count themselves among the Good Guys may once again have access to an old stand-by in in the lap of Glover Park. Though J.P.'s Night Club hasn't seen any action, lascivious or otherwise, since January 2008, when firefighters scaled a burning building to rescue a (fully clad) employee from the roof, the former location of the 20-plus year-old night club is showing signs of life.
JP's, a Glover Park night club, Washington DC
This past fall, the former owners of J.P's Night Club applied to have their liquor license taken out of safekeeping with the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Commission (ABRA). The holdup?  Protests, of course, with no sign of a quick resolution, said ABRA. Despite the fact that J.P's was a nice family-owned business, some neighbors never embraced it, and ABRA held a hearing last week to undress complaints from the community. ABRA confirms that the license renewal application is for the same address and that the owners of the license have not applied for a transfer of the application. This could mean a go-ahead for the club, or it could suggest that the owners of the building, local landlords Alafoginis Family LP will simply retain the bare license once renewal is approved. DCMud contacted Deoudes-Magafan Realty, who punted to owner Barbara Alafoginis, who has not responded to inquiries.

In the meantime, construction continues, which began in May of 2009, with the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs having renewed the building's construction permit in September of 2010. The Construction Guild LLC has been the contractor for the site.

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Ace in DC said...

Thanks for the direct link to the Good Guys website. Good thing my boss wasn't behind me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is Melissa McCart engaging in paid promotional effort on behalf of JP's by calling JP’s ‘nice family-owned business’? Just asking because at the 'nice family-owned business' a patron from Ft. Washington murdered and a neighbor business a few doors down provided Asian sex workers held against their will (slavery). A nice neighborhood sex industry business that attracts patrons with subsequent access to a nearby brothel should insist that the hookers be treated with dignity and respect - not to be held in slavery.

I'd rather we legalized prostitution and let JP's patrons enjoy themselves & go home in twenty minutes rather than sit around for hours getting progressively more intoxicated and worse at driving. OR we could say one business in the sex industry (Good Guys) is "Good Enough". Let JP's sell their liquor license to the highest bidder for use in any location they select. That way the club could be located somewhere else. DC creates a non-portability of sex+alcohol licenses and the location of sex industry establishments in more appropriate locations - more important – like across the street from Mary Cheh’s house.

To Melissa: Good job pimping!

Ken on Mar 4, 2011, 12:35:00 PM said...

Last anon: The qualifier "nice" was the editor's insertion (mine). Its a strip club. I thought the sarcasm was pretty obvious. I regret that you think we were promoting sex slavery by posting a story about the store's reopening.

Anonymous said...

Did the asian sex-slave workers business have any (direct) link to JP's?

Ryan L. said...

LOL. Yeah, I thought it was clear that 'nice family business' was sarcasam....i guess not everyone gets it.

Anonymous said...

Nice that they are going to "undress" neighbors' concerns

john smith said...

this abc establishment has never received one violation of any kind in its 25 year history,that is unheard of in the district of columbia.sounds like this business was run correctly.

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