Friday, October 19, 2007

CityVista Opens in Mt. Vernon Triangle

The CityVista mixed-use project will go to settlement on the sale of its first condominium unit today now that the development team, lead by Lowe Enterprises, has received its final authorization from the city to transfer title. When complete, the Mt. Vernon project will have a large impact on the neighborhood, delivering 441 condominiums, a 9-story apartment building, and Mt. Vernon's first retail sector with an "urban Safeway", Results gym, and a second helping of U Street's popular Busboys and Poets.

Today's sale is in the "L," the first of two condo towers, where the developer reports 90% of the units are already under contract. The "K" is currently 40% sold and will begin settlements next spring. The last building to finish will be the "V", the apartment building now under construction, on which the developers have entertained offers to sell outright.

The first occupancy at CityVista follows a long wait for the city's approval; the development team received a Certificate of Occupancy for the property back in August, but had been stymied in its attempts to convey the properties for lack of tax identification numbers, a problem an individual involved with the project said resulted from DC's failure to officially recognize Lowe as the owner of record on the property. The city - a partner on the project - has now issued the credentials, allowing the project to begin occupancy.

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KimFromTheK on Oct 19, 2007, 5:19:00 PM said...

I think you've got your letters mixed up--the L is the building which is complete and settling. The K (at 5th and K) is still being built.

Anonymous said...

they're not the only ones having problems getting lot and square numbers...

this town sucks

Anonymous said...

There will be a new Ace Hardware in City Vista as well! Same folks as Logan, Glover Park and Tenleytown Ace.

Ken on Oct 22, 2007, 6:17:00 PM said...


You are indeed correct, I transposed letters, it must have been my staff. I changed it in the original article so only the (three) astute readers who make it this far into the comments will ever be aware of my mistake. I love revising history - this must be how Stalin felt.

But hey, anon, what's your beef? This town doesn't suck! I mean, not usually anyway. Standard of living is pretty good, its a world-class city, and it beats the heck out of its nearest competitors which I won't name so as not to offend anyone (but which start with Bal-, Rich-, and Wilm-). I'd say you have to go north to NYC or south to Miami to find its equal.

Anonymous said...

i'm a developer in town and i have to deal with the DCRA every day. they've held up my own settlements of entire buildings full of unit because of lot and square issuance.

thats what i mean

i live here, have kids here, have a house and business here

i'm blindly loyal to DC

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