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A New New York for DC

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Details regarding the Bozzuto Development Company's once mysterious New York Avenue project have finally surfaced. Now teamed with WDG Architects, the developer is pursuing at least one, if not two residential developments along the burgeoning Mount Vernon Triangle strip that also includes recentDC construction, Bozzuto, northwest, WDG Architects developments such as Yale Laundry and CityVista.

The so-called New York Avenue Apartments (let’s hope that's a placeholder) is planned to stand 13-stories tall at 460 New York Avenue, NW and include 87 residential units for a total of 85,555 square feet of new District development. The project's 9,059 square foot lot is now mainly vacant, with the exception of a non-contributing building at the intersection of New York Avenue and L Street, NW that will be demolished to make way for the project. A historic building next door to the site "that by virtue of alterations and its serious structural deficiencies has lost its integrity" will include 6 of the planned apartments and receive a full renovation.

Bozzuto Development Company President Toby Bozzuto told DCmud the company has also made tentative plans for an abandoned warehouse across the street that is also under their control.

Per the development team’s presentation to the local ANC 2C last year, WDG will utilize masonry, stone, glass, and metal for the building’s fa├žade, along with “projecting bays” running from the third to eleventh stories. According to documentation from the developer, “The project will serve as a bridge between the historic rowhouses along 5th Street and the new Yale Steam Laundry project.” A ground floor fitness center and two levels of below grade parking will reportedly round out the development.

Though the PUD project’s timeline DC construction, Bozzuto, northwest, WDG Architectshas been elongated due to snags with another governing ANC (the project's location is flush to the boundary between two zones) and market declines in general, Bozzuto said it would be "terrific to start...in 2010."

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Justin from ReadysetDC on Apr 7, 2009, 4:52:00 PM said...

Any idea if the second building is planned to have retail facing City Vista?

IMGoph on Apr 7, 2009, 5:13:00 PM said...

some of the details of this project aren't entirely clear. 460 new york avenue would be on the south side of the street, but the first drawing posted in this story clearly states it's on the north side of the street.

the non-contributing building that you mention at the corner of new york and L appears to be the abandonded warehouse that you mention, because the only other building that could fit that description is the historic building that has "serious structural deficiencies", and from the drawings and description, there's no intention of tearing that one down.

could you maybe put a google map together with some polygons highlighting what's what here?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

All the 395 entrance needs are hookers, and it will be just like the Lincoln Tunnel.

RobA on Apr 9, 2009, 3:40:00 PM said...

Bozzutto is planning two sets of buildings along New York Avenue. The building in ANC 2C is on the north side of New York Avenue and will be built alongside the new Yale Apartments building. This is 465-471 New York Avenue. There are two existing residences in the property to be developed. The Freeman residence, the smaller green building would be demolished but larger “Boner” house is historically designated and would be retained and restored.The Historic "Boner" building would be moved to western most part of the plot so that it isn’t sandwiched between Yale and new building. It also allows the block to step up twice from the corner of 5th and L up to Yale.

Across the street in ANC 6C is 460 New York Avenue where a three story brick warehouse currently resides. HPRP is requiring that they keep that existing building intact and renovate that building and add additional floors to it (like adding a cap to the existing building). This building would be similiar in height to the new Bozzuto planned for across the street and provide a "gateway" heading east on New York Avenue. Both MVSNA and ANC6C had issues with the 460 New York Avenue building in terms of massing, setbacks, and access in to parking and common services. Many in attendence at the meetings would have preferred to demolish the existing 3 story brick building but HPRP is adamant on keeping that building as is.

Sean Hennessey on Apr 10, 2009, 5:30:00 PM said...

they have to keep the warehouse?
is there a reason this building is special?

RobA on Apr 14, 2009, 9:45:00 AM said...

HPRB states that they need to keep the warehouse building since it is one of the few remaining buildings in the city of its type. I disagree - I see buildings of that type further down New York Avenue (ie the XM Radio building). There is nothing special or unique about it - and in reviews by the ANC and neighborhood associations, we stated that we would prefer that they tear it down and build a new building in its place. That would alleviate the current issues (access for service vehicles, access to garage, etc) that the current plan has.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely going to screw the people in the building next door. Say bye to decent views of the city. Thanks Bozzuto!

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