Friday, February 12, 2010

Have a Say in the Future of the Mall

On February 18th, the National Park Service (NPS) will hold a public meeting to present (in brief) the various alternatives for revamping the National Mall. The NPS released a 600-page draft plan in December with a public comment period that lasts through March 18th. The goal is to create a comprehensive plan for the upkeep and improvement of the National Mall, including the various monuments and parkland within.

The plan has five options: a do-nothing option, a preferred alternative and three other options focusing on either historic landscape and education (signs and trees), a national civic space (think Forrest Gump) or urban recreation and ecology (baseball fields). According to the NPS website, the Agency Preferred Alternative is a combination of the three action alternatives.

See for yourself next week from 5 to 7 PM at the Old Post Office building near Federal Triangle Metro.

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Que said...

Bulldoze it

1 its a piece of shit

2 we have to many parks/openland within the borders of the city

3 they can not up keep it.

4 museums or monuments would be better there.

Anonymous said...


bulldoze the entire space? and do your option number 4 there? last time i checked there were museums and monuments on the mall already. perhaps you've not been there since, oh, the 1700's.

learn that to and too are different and that can not should have been cannot. even bloggers utilize good grammar and proper spelling.

this is iteration number 10000. there were proposals in the past, including one in the 1990s and again in 2004 about this very issue, including how to incorporate a new single span bridge into the city and create an expanded federal core.

get with it dc! stop paying for all these studies that say the same thing and use the money to enact one of them.

Anonymous said...

NO second AFRICAN-AMERICAN MUSEUM! The remaining field on which it is planned to be placed does NOT NEED TO BE DEVELOPED!

Why wipe out a great view from the corner of 14th and Constitution Ave?

Mike on Feb 15, 2010, 4:46:00 PM said...

Let's keep as much green as possible.

Anonymous said...

Second AFRICAN-AMERICAN MUSEUM??? Why would there be need for two? Anyway, subdue your racist tendencies and get ready for the Museum of the American Latino which is also being planned for the National Mall:

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the mind of a liberal. Oppose continued construction and you're a "racist." Oppose a SECOND, racial-separatist museum, and you're a "racist."

I guess we can get anything built if you call people racist. Yeah, I've heard of the racial-separatist Latino museum, in fact I predicted it years ago. Every racial grievance group is going to be clamoring for more construction on the mall. Of course, we're going to need a SECOND Asian museum, a Middle Eastern-American museum, etc. etc.

Can't we all exist in the AMERICAN HISTORY Museum? Or is that too colorblind of me? I guess MLK, Jr.'s "little dream" will have to be postponed because of the political left.

Goodbye, National Mall!

Anonymous said...

The option to keep it green and open is a must if the Mall is to continue as a national meeting place for events, demonstrations, festivals, gatherings, inaugurations, holidays, etc.

If not on a grassy mall in the heart of the nation's capital, then where will Americans who trek to Washington, DC for their cause and to voice significance convene? There are other places for ball fields and specific sporting venues within the city. This is one place the country can come and gather to voice free speech.

Maintenance of the property is really the key to it being a vibrant arena for the country to gather before the US Capitol building. It's the "Nation's Town Square" so fund the Park Service to properly keep it up, and ... wide open.

Anonymous said...

Please, no more changes, no more museums. It is great the way it is!!!!! do we really need to cover all the green spaces. How about seeing the sky, stars, etc....

Que said...

Why do we need the mall at all; there is no reason; we could take all of that open space and build the museums there or something else its nothing but a f**king waste.

If they want the area to be a park thats fine build a real one, return the area to its natural state or just give up.

@ Anonymous Feb 15, 2010 2:11:00 PM
when I say bulldoze i mean bulldoze the open areas with nothing but brown grass and trees we dont need them the city has enough green land in varies parts of the city such as

Parkland/Grass Areas within the borders of DC

Rock Creek Park
Anacostia Park
Glover Park
Meridan Park
Piney Branch Park
Battery Park
Melvin Park
Whitehaven Park
Branch Park
Potomac Park
Banard Park
Langdon Park
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Park

all along the watts branch
all along the Anacostia River
all along the Potomac River

the Arboretum

Ft. Dupont
Ft. Chaplin
Ft. Mahan
Ft. Stanton
Ft. Davis
Ft. Totten
Ft. Reno
Ft. Stevens
Ft. Stocum
Ft. Bunker Hill

Roosevelt Island
Kingman Island

Keniworth Aquatic Gardens
Oxon Run

Restonian said...

From my perspective as a new resident of Northern Virginia who had never before been to Washington, DC let me just say that the National Mall is an asset that should be treasured, not abhorred. When I arose from the Smithsonian Metrorail station, got off the escalator, and looked around, my mouth became agape. I could stare directly at the U.S. Capitol in one direction, turn around 180 degrees and see the Washington Monument, saw the old Smithsonian "castle" nearby, and also saw beautiful museums and government agencies lining adjacent streets. I'll admit that the condition of the grassland---worn, weedy, and ragged---was a disgrace, but overall that provided me with a lasting positive impression of the District. Coming from Reston, where everything is parking lots, chains, and suburban trash, it was so breathtaking to have experienced this sight.

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