Monday, March 01, 2010

Gales School Waits for Submissions

The District's Department of Real Estate Services has extended for a 2nd time the submission deadline for development of the Gales School, from March 18th to March 26th. Just two weeks ago DRES moved the deadline from February 16th to mid March. While the Department would not comment on the extension, bets are on that the District is waiting for the Central Union Mission, which has not yet submitted its bid.

The District Columbia originally announced the RFP for a new homeless shelter January 25th, for which the Mission had been a strong contender since discarding its designs on Georgia Avenue. David Treadwell, Executive Director of the Mission, says the non-profit is getting its paperwork together but has not yet submitted its plan to the District. Treadwell said its submission would allow for an expansion of its 135-bed facility, now in Logan Circle, by adding up to 5,000 s.f. of space in the rear of the property. The RFP requires a homeless shelter with at least 150 spaces; Treadwell said the Mission would "hope to provide more than that," while relocating administrative offices to another, less expensive site.

"This is a very expensive project," said Treadwell of the construction that would have to retain the existing facade, details of which would be left to Cox Graae and Spack Architects of Georgetown. The Mission views the space as compelling for its prime downtown location, a neighborhood it believes is underserved. As for the last confrontation with the ACLU, which targeted the deal because of what it perceived as a government's endorsement of religion stemming from the Mission's Christian teachings, Treadwell hoped for a better outcome this time. "This was never a done deal, despite their contentions. We have no desire to tangle with the ACLU."

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