Monday, March 22, 2010

North Bethesda Market's First Residential Units Will Be Ready by Summer

The best views in Montgomery County will be up for grabs when JBG begins leasing MoCo's tallest building in the coming days.

According to The JBG Companies' Marketing Manager, Julie Contos, the first of North Bethesda Market's 397 rental apartments are scheduled for delivery the Summer of 2010, but will become available for lease by "late Spring" but the group has not finalized the rates yet.

In case you haven't heard, North Bethesda Market is the mixed-use development located off Rockville Pike across from the White Flint Mall; at 24 stories a dwarf by NYC standards, but that nonetheless made its way into the (local) high-rise record books after topping off last August.

HKS Architects designed the 187-unit tower, as well as a 6-story, 210-unit apartment building and 200,000 s.f. of retail that make up the Everest of local architecture. In a discussion with DCMud, Mike Nicolaus, Managing Director of the DC office of HKS, says the project and the designers behind it are at "the front-end" of a "broader transition" taking place throughout the beltway, a shift to "higher-density, more walkable, transit-oriented communities." And in an effort to achieve what Nicolaus calls a "more urban street grid," Executive Boulevard was extended to connect with Rockville Pike.

In addition to serving as home to the Food and Drug Administration's offices, two of JBG's Office Buildings at 11400 Rockville Pike and 5515 Security Lane act as partial anchors to the development. Look for an additional Whole Foods and LA Fitness anchor to open later in the Summer or early this Fall.

As for the names of the additional retailers setting up shop along the Pike: Nicolaus can only tell us that JBG is "working on getting new deals in place." A spokesman from JBG was equally cryptic but promised that news on that front will be coming available "in the next couple of weeks."

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Anonymous said...

This project was "designed" by Torti Gallas and purloined by HKS. Everything HKS has done has made the project worse than what was approved by the county during site plan approval. What a bunch of hacks.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Mike Nicolaus designed it while he was at Torti Gallas......

Anonymous said...

The yellow and green vinyl siding on the building looks very tacky.

Mike Nicolaus on Sep 29, 2010, 2:29:00 PM said...

To be fair, the conceptual planning and urban design was done by Torti Gallas. HKS completed the project from SD onward. The article didn't state that clearly.

Mike Nicolaus

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