Friday, December 10, 2010

Your Next Place...

By Franklin Schneider

Oh man, I really liked this place. I thought about hiding in a closet until after the agent left, calling a locksmith to change the locks, and then Photoshopping myself a deed to the place. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I'm still on probation for the last time I tried that.

The unit's a massive New York-style loft in the old Rainbow Auto Body building on Church Street, a quiet-ish side street off 14th. Living here would be just like if you lived in Soho, but without all the models and artists corroding your self-esteem every time you leave the building. The developers have retained a lot of distinctive touches from the building's past life as an industrial space; exposed ductwork and steel beams give you that hint of authentic loft living, without the vermin and black mold of actually authentic loft living. There's a massive den area and a gas fireplace, along with huge
industrial-style windows and 14-foot ceilings. The
space is very bright and there's a feeling of open
space; I've been in a lot of smaller lofts with really high ceilings, and you sort of feel like a frog in a
bottle or something. I didn't feel like that here at all.

You can imagine the rest - exposed brick, hardwood floors and miles of granite counterspace. It's even got a roof deck if you need to take a breather from all this perfection. It's a block away from Whole Foods and Vida and all those restaurants and bars on P Street there, and three or four blocks from U Street. I mean, this place really could be the greatest bachelor (or bachelorette) pad of all time. That's it, this place is going on my Christmas list.

1445 Church Street NW #14
Washington, DC
1 Bdrm, 1.5 Baths

Open house this Sunday 1-4

Photography by DS Creative Group


Anonymous said...

Franklin, if Santa gets you that condo for X-mas, I'd like to be on the guest list for your housewarming party.

Sean Hennessey on Dec 11, 2010, 10:01:00 AM said...

yeah, that place is pretty hot.

Anonymous said...

It's so not hot.

The corrugated ceiling contrasts awfully with the thick brick and narrow planks. Exposed ductwork is really passé, especially if it's brand new polished aluminum. The wide planks in the bedroom look dumb with thin bricks. The "stairway" is probably the worst part, as you can look at the rungs and platform from the kitchen...maybe an afterthought?
As usual they couldn't find a way of stashing the utilities closet, so they shoved it in the middle of the kitchen next to the door. And the whole place wreaks of West Elm.

Anonymous said...

2nd Anonymous, perhpas you could offer up your home to come and be featured since you have such fabulous taste and knowledge of interior design??

Anonymous said...

2nd Anonymous, perhpas you could offer up your home to come and be featured since you have such fabulous taste and knowledge of interior design?

My home probably wouldn't appeal to the readers here, as it is a Federal with a double parlor, ceiling medallions, and custom millwork. Besides the fact that I would have to take down many personal effects before photographing. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

i've seen this place on the market for the past three sales. it is almost perfect - great lay out for entertaning, the right mix of sleeping space and living space, fireplace, but....the parking is right outside your only windows - so think headlights at all times of night disrupting tv, sleep, etc. and, oh yeah, none of those spots are yours. good luck finding street parking on already overcrowded church street, and metered parking on 14th. if you're totally urban and zip car your way through life, it is indeed perfect.

Paul said...

I agree with Scenic Artisan. I think this place is pretty hot. I love the exposed brick and 14ft ceilings. The one major detraction I would agree on is the stair landing in front of the kitchen seems like an afterthought.

The anonymous who lives in a Federal. Some of us like contemporary wide open spaces. Your ceiling medallions and millwork might not impress us. Nor would the narrow layout and small windows. I've seen some of these rowhomes that are only 14ft wide but deep. Sorry I don't want to live in a hallway.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, if it's not your style, so be it. But don't make aesthetic judgments about that which you don't understand! Traditional taste is fine, but it's not "hot," and you know it.

FYI the floors are the SAME in the bedroom (where you say they're wide) and the big space (where you say they're narrow). The ceiling is concrete joists, not corrugated. Ductwork is almost never aluminum--it's galvanized steel. West Elm doesn't carry LeCorbusier/Perriand furniture. You're entitled to your own taste, but not your own facts.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting because it's a true loft conversion -- it's not just "loft-style" -- which is rare in DC. In true lofts, lots of things are exposed out of necessity. What strikes me about this place is that all of the exposed elements seem to have been really well thought through. It's industrial, but it's elegant at the same time. Sweet.

Rico said...

I really like this loft ! DC is finally coming around to true lofts. However; the fondry lofts at the Navy Yard will be amazing as well. I peeked in a few times during the current construction. Great lofts over looking water. Very Tribecca NYC. Go see for yourself !

Anonymous said...

Possible Buyer

What is the square footage of the unit? Does it come with parking? What is the monthly condo fee? What is the unit number? What floor is it on?

Sheila said...

The tax records state the square footage is 1,057. Condo fee is $514/month and it's street parking. If you go to, click on the Buy tab, then on the Property Search & you can pull up the full listing. Or write me & I'll send it to you,

Parking on Church St is tough, but Q St & Corcoran aren't too bad.

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