Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Groundbreaking, Or At Least Ground-Moving, at Nehemiah Shopping Center

This past fall DCMud promised, after assurance from UDR developers, that the former Nehemiah Shopping Center construction site would be activated with a groundbreaking, and that the "rubble [would] at least be pushed around soon." It appears such has happened, as several earth movers have been seen rumbling around the site for the last few days. This is potentially (stress potentially) significant news for a project that seemed destined to remain unstirred; since the unveiling of plans from the original developer in 2008 and subsequent demolition in 2009, the lonely fenced-off block has seen no action.

While UDR refused to confirm or deny the start of construction, as it is "internal policy not to comment on such" according to one anonymous developer at their Washington office, it seems apparent field marshal (a.k.a. general contractor) Donohoe Construction has ordered troops (a.k.a bulldozers) into the field of battle. It marks the beginning of a who-knows-how-long (developers won't say) process to stack 255 one and two-bedroom apartment units on top of 18,500 s.f. ground floor retail. The project calls for 198 parking space to be half hidden, half buried on the back western portion of the site. The retail spaces could house as many as five different tenants, or as few as two, and will be reserved for businesses that supply neighborhood wants and needs: such as a grocery/convenience store, restaurants, bank, café, etc. UDR's corporate headquarters are expected to release more specific information about the project once it becomes official in the company's next quarterly report, those numbers are likely to come out in early February.

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Anonymous said...

Could someone please give me the location of the Nehemiah Shopping Center? I've heard quite a bit about the proposed project and the name sounds familiar, but I somehow cannot "visually" fit the name and the location into my mind.

Ken on Dec 15, 2010, 4:55:00 PM said...

If you click on the map image it will take you to a map of the site.

Anonymous said...

I've clicked onto the image, but didn't see the map nor the location.

Why spoon feed the clueless said...

Uh... R u From the metro area? Ah... I didn't think so. It's on 14th between Belmont and chapin, click on the map again, and spend a bit more time discovering dc on foot, car, or bike. I don't mean to be rude, but search the archives or something, if you r truly clueless. USDA graduate school has distance courses that can teach you how to surf the web, for modest prices.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

If you are not going to be helpful then dont post the damn link. The only thing I saw was a bunch of other links and a picture of some guy you twit. And if this is your link that you've posted then you need to get a real web developer to re-do your site. I asked a question about the location, NOT for someone's sarcastic ass remarks.You self-absorbed SOB. If you are not about being helpful and informative then don't post anything about what's going on in the city. From what you know, I could just very well be someone new to the town, Spoonfed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what the hell. I've lived in DC for 25 years and I've never walked past this dump. Why on earth would "u" assume we "r" all as ghetto as "u"?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and God bless! :)

Sheila on Dec 16, 2010, 11:36:00 AM said...

Anonymous, I think you're confusing the insulting remarks of Spoonfed with DCMud. He is not us. We actually want to give people information & not make fun of them. Call us old fashioned...

I just clicked on the orange icon and it does bring up a map. Perhaps that was not working correctly earlier.

Rico said...

It is located near the U st area./Howard University area. Everyone knows where Ben's Chilli Bowl is ? Continue west from Ben's Chlli Bowl, until you get to 14th St. Then make a left. It is about 3 blocks up. Across the street from a new apartment building called View 14, managed by bozutto. And you dont have to be ghetto to know your city. I am an educated African American form Texas, now living in Georgetown DC, and I know this area well. So, your comment was a bit weird. However; I hope I helped you find the area.

mapper said...

i happen to know the name of this place, but i bet i don't know the name of 80% of the shopping centers in dc.

who pays attention to the name of an insignificant crappy strip mall shopping center anyway?

let's play a game. i'll name 10. see how many you can answer without the aid of the internet.

what's the name of the strip mall:
- That has Adventure Dentistry and Vision on Rhode Island Avenue NE?
- That has the DMV on brentwood avenue?
- that has Wagshal's Deli on Mass ave NW?
-on connecticut avenue NW in cleveland park?
-on Kalmia Road and Georgia NW?
-that used to be at Riggs and South Dakota NE?
-with the Panam grocery store on michigan avenue NE?
-with the DMV on penn ave se?
-that has the Safeway on Alabama Avenue SE
-at Benning and East Capitol?

mapper said...

heading west on u from bens, you make a RIGHT on 14th.

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