Friday, September 23, 2011

Demolition Making Way For Madison Apartment in Alexandria

Demolition has begun at 800 N. Henry Street in Alexandria, the site claimed by the Madison, a two-building apartment complex developed by Equity Residential. According to Dirk Geratz, principal planner for the City of Alexandria, construction is to begin in November.

Equity Residential took over sole responsibility of the project last year and can be credited for its revival. The development had been idle after City Council approval came three years ago; idle "due in part to the economy over the last several years," according to the City.

New construction costs, estimated to be around $37 million, will be spread across two 5- and 7-story buildings containing 360 apartment units, nearly 9,700 s.f. of ground-floor retail and 45,280 s.f. of "open space" - public plaza, courtyard and rooftop pool - designed by SK&I, who was brought on as the architect in 2010; Cooper Carry was formerly the architect.

In February, the plan was both bumped up and scaled back from what was approved in 2008 - whereas the number of apartment units increased, from 344 to 360, retail space was cut, from 23,000 s.f. to 9,672 s.f., and the number of parking spaces trimmed by nearly 100 spots (from 561 to 464).

Retail space will be located on the corner of North Henry and Madison Streets. Varied styles and materials will be incorporated throughout the property in an effort to make the whole development appear as several distinct entities. A new private access street will connect North Fayette to North Henry Street.

The development, initially meant to be underway in 2009, is located two blocks from the Braddock Metro stop in West Old Town; the project awaited approval in 2007 due to the incoming Braddock Metro Small Area Plan, which was adopted by Council in March of 2008.

Article amendment: SK&I was brought on as the project architect (replacing Cooper Carry) in 2010, when Equity Residential took over sole responsibility of the project; Trammell Crow Co. was a development partner in 2008, when the project was first approved.

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Anonymous said...

Delayed because of the small area plan? Wasn't it financing that caused the delay? I heard there should be movement on the nearby Braddock Gateway soon as well.

Anonymous said...

Although the Braddock Metro Plan had an effect on the approval of the development in '07, I did not mean to imply that the project was "delayed" due to this, and I revised the last sentence accordingly, thank you.

Anonymous said...

SK&I Architectural Design Group, LLC is the architect not Cooper Carry.

Anonymous said...

Cooper Carry designed it.

Anonymous said...

I have amended the article: Cooper Carry was the architect of the original design, approved in 2008. However, the recession sidelined the project, which was revived last year by Equity Residential, who brought on SK&I, who is responsible for the revised design, approved in February.

Anonymous said...

Unless SK&I submitted new design plans that then went through the entire approvement process over again, Cooper Carry would be credited with design.....SK&I perhaps with the ultimate execution.


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