Friday, September 30, 2011

Douglas' KFC Residential Approved by Zoning

This week, the Board of Zoning Adjustment waved forward Douglas' 4-story residential-and-retail project, designed by Sacha Rosen of R2L: Architects, to replace a chickenless KFC at 1442 Pennsylvania Avenue in Southeast.

Douglas was given an off-street parking requirement variance, and a special exception from roof structure requirements. The plan replaces Douglas' earlier proposal, in 2009, for a two-story office building on the corner.

Construction will most likely commence next spring. According to Douglas' construction manager, Paul Millstein, the project will begin construction "as soon as we can get permits out."

Half of the ground floor will be taken up by a 2,630-s.f. retail space fronting Pennsylvania Avenue, a bicycle room and lobby (accessible from 15th), whereas the other half will be 7 parking spaces (accessible from back alley). Above, there will be three floors with 7 apartment units each, 21 in all. A penthouse (to house mechanical units, and offer private terrace area to four residents) makes up a partial fifth floor structure. A green roof will cover the penthouse portion and the fourth floor - the main - roof, which will also be fringed with greenery.

On September 6th, ANC 6B's Planning, Zoning and Environmental Committee approved the project, followed by the full ANC, and the Capitol Hill Restoration Society.
: Article previously detailed the project as was approved in July, not September: changes since July include relocated vehicular access, cropped retail space, small design refinements, and a slight decrease in elevation.

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Carol Casperson on Oct 3, 2011, 4:18:00 PM said...

This is a big improvement at my transfer corner for the B2 bus. Now if you could improve on the corner across PA Av SE and eliminate the drug addicts and alcoholics that hang out near that bus stop, we would greatly appreciate it.

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